Monday, December 22, 2008

Audio content indexing, Video content indexing,Image content indexing,PDf content indexing

MMDBMS -this was the only seminar that I have delivered during my Software Engineering.
I do not need to say that I have just got complete material from my seniors ( Or I can say my former class mate ). I have a very bad habit of reading. If I feel something interesting I go out and just dig everything into it until I feel satisfied for it. After reading 2-3 times whole seminar material I was not sure at all how its used in our industry or what is the exact use of it.

Later I just remembered from that seminar Image format full forms, few video formats like MPEG,AVI, Audio formats etc. And the file size and few attributes of all these format . how they can be stored in database.

Yesterday I read one article about audio,video and image indexing. Search engines are now planning to go more in deep for indexing. Google,yahoo and other search engine are now going to scrutinize content of video , audio ,Image and Pdfs file . No need to say that search engine optimization business will have to rethink and have to adapt this new indexing measures when they promote websites.

Search engines have noticed that people are commenting on pictures or videos which are not at all related to their business. For getting links from reputed website , marketers are not using this kind of propaganda .Now comments which are not related to content of (video,Audio,Image or pdf) will degrade linking website.
Like current topic videos like Obama,Bush Or Indo-Pak relative videos are watched millions of time. So marketers put their website link their in comments but now search engines will check whether the linking website and content of videos or audio is matching each other or its just a spam.

this is what I now understand What is the requirement MMDBMS and how it will be used in future :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Again Shame for Indian Media

I am just writing this post for expressing my pain as an Indian.
Before few weeks I just had one post regarding Indian news media that they are just freak and worried about their TRP instead of intellectual values ,ethics and responsibilities.

During this mumbai attack again Indian news Media has shown great sense of nonsense by showing blood and dead bodies everywhere?. I don't why they don't understand that people only watch news channel during this kind of incident,So,why they are spreading terror in to each home? It just helps terrorist to achiev their ultimate goal.As they want to make us scared and news media helping them to make it possible.

It was shame when one news reporter was shouting on channel "look, ambulance is here, blood is spred all over in ambulance" then camera moves there , after that reporter shout again "look,one person is just dead" this stupid reporter was shooting in a camera rather then taking part in rescue operation.
I am sure minimum 1000 reports and there starff were in each place ,if they have just helped in rescue operation then situation might had the different climax.
Media had a golden oprtunity which they have missed.They got short term hike in trp but they lost respact from common indian.
We are busy with sensex updown, we are just making ourself busy to cope again recession(which is not going to happen at all,we all know its not in our hand to cope global recession),Trying to make our self safe .Yes thats true I am also among this common indian and some time we all feel that why we are doing this.

Life is transforming , global economical power is now shifting towards india and china , we have best talent , we have leaders (ofcourse they are old and little doubtful to take concrete decision,But we have lesser number of sensitive scams then any other developing countries had).
Our common man can work more then 60 hrs in a week without raising an eyebrow or feeling exahausted. We have full of confident technopreneurs.
Indians have all senses to achieve success but Indians are lacking one sence and it is

whether it is government, whether it is corporate, whether it is media or mediocre people.
I really want my this sense back .It feels like captive in your home .

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bio Piracy in India

I read one article in India Today which was on Bio Piracy.

From Last 13 year 25 cases has been filled again Inseact Poaching.
India is among the 12 megadiverse countries as it has significant chunk of the earth species.It has 45,000 plan species and near about 89000 animal species as per article in India Today.
This Bio Diversity attracts many Bio Pirates's eyes.As per wild life protection society of india business of wildlife products is about $10 billion.A single palm-sized specimen of the poisonous Indian tarantula, found only in the Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh, can fetch more than $1,000 (Rs 47,000) in the international market.
There are many other insects like Blue tarantula, Sometime small children are found in forest area selling insects only for 100rs/- for their breadearning.
Tribal youths holding plastic bags and ventilated clear plastic jars.They sell spiders to foreign toursits which can earn them 500 to 5000 Rs/-.Its a good amount for 8 leg creature they sell.
Smugllers or Bio-Pirates come as a foreign touristor or wild life researchers and gather these prospersous insects and sell them in to International Market.So, coping with bio-pirates are not as easy as we can assume.
Society is not still aware yet.We must value the blessing of bio-diversity.
The Wildlife Act and the National Biodiversity Act is not still strict enough to cop with bio pirates or smugllers.

People can get bail in merely a 20000 Rs/- fine.

I would like to request you to come ahead and when ever you found any foriegners or localite showing more interest in buying these Insects, contact Forest officers or any other authorities.

Monday, November 3, 2008

One more Good Incident

Today ,at night when we went to drop a cheque in drop box of nearer ATM.
We found that there were no security guard there.And in this winter A.C. was chilling the ATM room.
Every Indian knows that world is in recession mode.We must have to do cost cutting and save energy every where it can be.
I don't know exact number but I am sure in India there would be more then 500000 ATM.
If we don use A.C.(Air Conditioner) in these ATM or we just minimize the use of AC only in ATM.
I am sure eneregy saved by these ATMs will fullfil demand of atleast whole 1 village.
I am not sure about this equation but Amount of energy saved will surely high.
We should not forget that Great Power comes with great responsibilities.
Educated Peole, Literate People have more responsibilities then iliterate people.
So,lets start to nurture our nation.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Welcome to Era of Digital Photo Frames

Don't be surprised if you see any digital photo frame in Indian home.Digital Frames are now taking place of our traditional wooden/glass photo frames.And gives a technological edge to globalized Indian life style.

Digital Frames have few special features like you can store more then 100s of your special can change them periodically or you can set like slide show .
Digital Frames comes with inbuilt memory (Ranges from 128Mb to 1Gb).
Many digital frames have remote control too ,so you can change photo anytime very conviniently
Price starts from 2500Rs/-(55$) to 25000 Rs/-(550$).

One for surprise is that Taiwan is leading in this Market instead of China. 90% Exports from Taiwan and 10% exports from China. In Western Countries Digital frames become very popular .

For Indian 55$ spending in frame is still not digestible deal.And none of Indian company still come ahead to produce digital frames or shown interest to manufacture it in short future.

So, have to wait for affordable digital frames :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Interview With Sunil Mittal (Bharti Group)

Yesterday I watched interview of Sunil Mittal on NDTV profit.
He was discussing about Bharti's Future Expansion over the next few years.
He was talking about entering in to retails sector in all over the India.Bharti has colobrated with most populer retail giant wall mart for their Indian retail operation.They are going to penetrate market at its grass root level.Planning to reach at tier 3 towns of India.
Sunil mittal Said that retail sector has low margin and requires large concertation on each every segamant of the operation.According to him they will follow EveryDay Low Price (ELDP)strategy in their Shoppig Malls.

Apart from this He has given one of the most interesting news that Bharati is going to enter in education.
He said it is not for business, It is to build a knowledgable society in India.Good education is the fundamental to build a helalthy Nation.He said that they will build more then 20000 schools and colleges and hopefully universities.
As per his vision its a very impressive intiative by Mr.Mittal.
He said that we want to saw that how Public and private can work together for a great motive.
Yes as of being India I appriciate Sunil Mittal's thought,I like one more thing from that interview,He said that Corparate has many social responsibilities and corporate should build up a good nation ,good society.

cheers India has really a great corporate culture.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Biggest Threat:Power consumption by Computer and I.T. Companies

We all know we do not have unlimited source of power generation except (hyrdo ,wind or solar).And none of this alternatives are as feasible as nuclear or thermal power plants.

Intially computer industry were saving powers and also were very less in power cosumpation mesures.But As Internet grown exorbitantly,It is now become biggest threat for power consumption.
Every day Millions of mega byte data added in internet.mostly through Email,Chat history,communication,Content.
We are not use to clean up our mails regulerly, but you will be amazed to know that your due to these large inbox companies require large servers which ultimately consumes more energy.
As of being software engineer I would like to request you all

  • people to delete your unwanted mails as soon as possible.
  • Do not add unlimited and unorganic content in internet.
  • Please clear your chat history if you dont required.
  • Delete All your temperory internet files.
  • Use Back button of browser when you want to go back to preveoius page of site.( Do use back button in sesitive site or for any secure transaction) .
  • if you are a web designer please prefer to create website in dark colors or near to black.As we all know white color requires more energy.
  • Switch off you monitor after shutdown.
  • plug off everything after you finish your work on your computer or laptop.
    you can suggest more energy saving methods....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dial For Health -Good Service in Ahemedabad

Dial For Health is medical store which provides good services..

I am not promoting their services here but I always believe good deeds must be appreciated.
It is a ethical duty of entrepreneurs :).

You may have used free home delivery services of pizzas or food or other things .
In Ahmedabad people are used to order for free home delivery in foods,juices,furnitures ,consumer durables etc.

But Have you used free home delivery services for Medicines in ahmedabad?,
We all know getting a medicine at a right time is far more important task then eating food or shopping.
Before few days ago me and my wife were passing in are where we live.I stop my bike at one shop as janki wanted to have medicines.Shop was "Dial for health"

While returning she showed me card for "Dial For Health ", and informed me that they provide free home delivery for medicines , also hold health check up camps and provides discount in medicines.

So,Its a good start for value added services in Medical domain.

Lets talk about one more good issue...
I have many friends and relatives from Medical professions ,I know that Profit margins in medicals are too huge they earn more then 200% profits in some tablets.
But As they know person who come to buy medicines is not that much worried about discounts ,so they never bother to give discounts or reduce the profit margin.

I have appeal to all People who are enganged with the medical profession.
Global economy is melting down.It is just because of Imbalance in distribution of money/Income.
So,Please help poor people.In this age where Breads are getting costlier every day and cars getting cheaper every day,we need to help people who are below poverty line,there is no almighty in our country to help them.
As a human being we have to take this responsibility.

Hope after reading this article someone will announce special discounts to middle class or below middle class families.

Johny Depp Sexiest man on earth now

As per latest news from Britain cosmopolitan magazine, the 45 year hollywoord hearh throb got the first rank in a poll .

Johny depp is getting more and more famous and increasing his popularity seamlessly.Depp beat George Colony ,47 year ..Colony got the second rank .

By this news we can say that both these stars are getting better and better with their age.
Soccer superstar David backham is also in the top 10 list.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Indian News Media Responsibility

As we all know sep-11 is one of the biggest terrorist attacks on USA.

During the broadcast of this horrible news live, US media has never even disturb the people.
They never have shown bodies with blood flood.
And US media has never made a terrorist a hero or master mind.
They never have shown that how much terrorist are literate until it required.

These news channels have shown a great sense of responsibility toward the nation and humanity.
I think now you might have get where I am pointing too.

Indian news channels are showing river of bloods, dead bodies, making terrorist as a master mind.
It is a shit use of democracy. Indian media were demanding about the freedom like US media.
But they forget the very simple low that great power comes with great responsibility.

As an Indian I really feel ashamed when our media are misusing sensitive issues for their profit and trp ratings.

Right now India is under threat of terrorist attacked more then 100 bomb blasted in last 6 month. It is time to show unity.

Now terrorist have washed the brain of our younger blood, We need to revert their mind for patriotism.And we all know media is only thing which can be helpful, but I don’t know when they will wake up.

Showing a terrorist as a master mind, telling people that they are literate, they are software engineers, MBA aspirants. Are not we producing more terrorist?

Its now time has come to understand our responsibility, we have to quit watching this kind of contents which are training our children that how to become terrorist.We will push Indian media to change their mindset.

Hoping for your support.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

how to recover from hairline fracture?

Recently, one of my best friend has faced a hairline fracture in his left leg.
I know that he is able to endure the pain but it was really worrisome,We consulted 2 doctors.diagnosis was mostly common from both the doctors.He had a plaster for a week and prescribed for painkillers,anti -biotic.

He is now okay and 90% recovered from his hairline fracture; from this injury we now have learned few things which can be helpful to you in this kind of fractures.
Here are few hairline fracture symptoms and few things which can help you to learn how are hairline fractures treated at home ?

1) If you are having too much of pain in only certain area then it might be a fracture.
2) Don't panic if it is a fracture.... Recovery in fracture is fast if you take care about few things.
3) Do not move fractured area at all.
4) If you don't want plaster or bandage on that area ,just have complete bed rest do not even move for 3-4 days.
5) Have Milk.
6) Anti-biotic are always necessary when you have any accident because you never know how much damage has been occurred at inner part of your body.
7) Calcium is required for faster healing-banana ,milk,egg & if requires you can take calcium tablets for that.

There is one golden rule for recovery from any fracture. And it is do not move your fractured bones.Bones can reconstruct damage part if bones are not moved and have complete rest.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization- SEO refers to improve your site popularity and ranking in search engines.Someone search for particular word or phrase( which called keywords in technical term),and your website comes in first page of search engine will make your site more populer and will help you to grow in your business.Ranking and position on first page is depended upon your site content, number of relevant and good site linking back to your site.Offshore web development can help you to achieve this.

Keywords:-words or phrase you use to search something on search engine is referred as keywords.

Link Building :- You can drive traffic by placing your link to other should place your link in popular sites. you can contact any
Seo service provider to start link building campaign for your site.

Direcotory and Search Engine submission:-
is one other of online marketing.Submiting your site’s link on a relevant Directory or Search Engine .
There are so many directories are available to do must choose directories which has page rank high.

Article and Blog Submissions:-
Posting Articles and blogs are best white hate technique in web promotion,Offering reader a fresh and relevent content will drive you a more relevant and interested traffic to your website.which will eventually help you.Article submission and Web Promotion can be handed over to a good firm which can perform these kind of task to you with a very effective way.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mobile Radiation can cause many problems

People have seen the exorbitant growth in communication .Mobiles,pdas are becoming a part of life even in rural area. This horrendous growth in mobile communication has certainly make authorities in worries. We all are aware of that radiation from mobile can cause a large number of disease. Possibility of tumor is double for avid mobile users.

There are many other dangerous problem can occur too such as cancer, degeneration, deafness, sleeplessness,irritability.

Usually radiations are not that much strong enough to break chemical bonds in body. but heavy use may elicit the risk of brain cancer. Heavy and long term mobile usage may damage tissues in the inner ear and can lead to deafness. Excessive use of mobiles may also activate brain’s stress system. Most common problem is it causes concentration problem and a sleeplessness problem in avid mobile user. They are usually not it is also proved that the usage of mobile can effect male fertility.

Although it now many mobile companies are also taking care of this harmful radiations.And trying to mitigate the problem. They are launching mobiles with low radiation capability.In India Tata Telecommunication is claiming that their mobiles are not too harmful.Even if their mobile phones do not cause disturbance with any other radio devices nearby. Like if your cell phones is near to computer speaker or monitor or any radioactive device, Tata telecommunication cdma phone will not cause any distortion or disturbance. This kind of initiative is really good for Society.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

What is Hard Refresh?

If you are visiting any web site frequently so than your browser will store the few elements of web page in browser cache so on next request of same page browser will fetch those elements from cache instead from server. This will speed up your browsing effectively. Element mostly contains photographs,style sheets,pages which you have already visited. but sometimes for such reasons the website is changed then you may not able to view the change because you are actually viewing cached page. You can solve this problem by removing cache data or using hard refresh. Hard Refresh will skip checking data from cache and it will fetch data directly from browser.

Normally we are using “Refresh” Button or press F5 button to Refresh the website. For Hard Refresh way is held down while clicking on refresh button or pressing F5.Alternatively you can hold ShiftKey,ControlKey And R. It will skip checking cache and will download page from direct server.

Hard refresh is very useful to clear forms, It ensure that you are viewing the latest updated web page. If you are viewing a web page that looks odd or if you find glitches on web page then hard refresh may be necessary. Web site which are constantly updating such as news website, article directory, Hard refresh is required.

Friday, September 5, 2008

What is Entrepreneurs skills?

Today I would like to share what is entrepreneurs skills?
and India's one of the top entrepreneurs who has influenced a tons of young to people to chase the dream.

First of all few characteristic of entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur like to Faces the new challenges in the life,
Has a good vision in life,
Has ability to do some thing New,
Identify opportunities and take risks in order to realize them,
Know what to do and when to do.

Karsanbhai Patel is born at mehsana in Gujarat. After completing B.Sc. in Chemistry he worked as a lab assistant in the New cotton Mills at ahmedabad later on he joined the Geology and mining department of the Government of Gujarat.

After words he begun to make the detergent at home and sells it door to door . He name his venture as Nirma from his daughter name Nirupama.
Initially he sold Nirma detergent at lowest cost only Rs3 per kg .the next cheapest available price in the market was Rs.13.
Quality and Quantity are two main factors which made Nirma successful in the market.
Than he started to making soaps like Nirma bath and Nirma beauty soap, and Super Nirma detergent. Gradually nirma became the brand.Nirma made the permanent place in every bathroom of India.And rhyme of its advertise became the most popular jingle for many years. Nirma covers the 30% market for the premium detergent segment and 20% for the soaps market.

In 1995 he started his “Nirma Institute of Technology” an engineering college in Ahmedabad this is the smartest decision taken by Mr Karshan bhai.
Now he dont require to for talent hunt . he developed and nurture young India.
Nirma Institute (Ahmedabad,Gujrat) is the top ranked institute in Gujarat,which provides near to 100% placement to its student.

Later on Ambani's have also followed the same thing and opened up an institutes. Bharti group also now entering in to same educational domain.
So,Mr.Karshan bhai has given a good vision to nation,industry & of course he is living legend in Gujrat.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ratan Tata and his Nano is in difficulty.

We all knows about Ratan Tata’s 1 lac Rupees Car.Tata want
To Complete his dream of having a personal car of every middle class family.
He launched project for it and Care named “Nano”.
This car will be cheapest car of the world merely a 2500$ car.

After sucesfully acquiring Jaguar and land rover tata's are already in now world map and this project will make them distinct from other players.

For Production of this car Tata Motors started a its plant in Singur(West Bengal in India).
Tata motors got the land from local farmers By help of West Bengal Government.

But now due to oppose of many farmer and sheer violence put this project in halt.

Ratan Tata has Finally Decided to Move out from west bangal for Nano Project.
It was a very bold decision but as Tata’s are always acclaimed for their loyalty.
Workers were in very high risk at Singur plant due to heavy oppose of local people.

Leader of opposition has played major role in this project failure at Singur.
But now government will be in more trouble as there are many farmers who had sold their land to government and have made a lot of money.
Now no body knows what will happen to that acquired land as tata will not bear the loss of that its obvious.

West Bengal government must take this matter seriously else still situation is very critical and now farmers who has already sold their land may raise the voice.

In India most of the people are aware of this fuss and we all agree that Government of west Bengal is responsible for this.

Lets hope that dream of Ratan Tata will be accomplished in time with peace .
Common man is eagerly waiting for this car , no doubt about it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pollution control -Isn't it our social responsibility?

The main sources of air pollution are industries, traffic and energy generation.
Air pollutants are emitted because of production processes and combustion processes,
Due to more production process the chemical waste is created and this waste must be
Drain out so the most way to drain out this waste is to left it in soil so it effects the soil
Fertility. Due to coal combustion gas many harmful gas emitted in atmosphere combustion of coal and natural gas for electricity production causes the release of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide into the air.

Traffic is also the part of making pollution. In today’s world people needs are increased.Spending money in luxurious needs are in demand.People wants private vehicle for their use so the traffic is increased more. Traffic is plays major part in air pollution because of
hormful gas emission.Few dangerous gas emitted by vehicles are Carbon dioxide, VOC and small carbon monoxide,.

We must control control this gas emission by using general traffic sense , following traffic rules and increasing the use of public transport instead of private vehicle.
In the world china is on top to create CO2 in atmosphere while INDIA is on third place

The various kinds of pollutants are damaging the ozone layer. The ozone is the most
Useful layer to avoid the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun light. During ozone decomposition an oxygen-poor molecule is released, which aids the breakdown of ozone. There are a number of compounds that catalyse ozone decomposition. Examples are hydroxide (OH), nitrogen oxides, chlorine (Cl) and bromine (Br).

If we dont wake up , it will be to late ..we have to do our best to control pollution.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Few Facts about Incense Stick

To light a incense stick is a religious act and its vary popular in ASIA.people are lighting incense stick in different act at different places like at home, at temple ,at offices,etc.after lighting it it spreads good smell around you and make environment good but people do not know how much effective it’s smells for their body.

In one survey it is described that if the smell of incense stick is go in our body via breathing then it causes heavy damages to our respiratory system. These a incense stick are made from flowers and other nursery things with using different kind of oil and wood. In the smoke of incense stick contain some like Benzene and Polychromatic Hydrocarbons.if person consume these particles by breath for long time then it can damage the different kind of breathing system.after made a test on more than 61000 people it is found that 325 people are affected by the smell of incense stick . this survey is done by Jepp Freeborg from kopanhegan stens serum Institute.

It has been proved that Incense burning throw 4 times more particulate than cigarette.

Researchers state that “Inhaling incense smoke may cause allergies,growth and tumors.” The researchers who studies incense, state that “a typical composition of stick incense consists of 21% (by weight) of herbal and wood powder, 35% of fragrance material, 11% of adhesive powder, and 33% of bamboo stick.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Book Updates

Hi folks...

I want to tell you about few books which I am reading now days.

I am reading " The Saint, The Surfer, and the CEO".
Author of this book is Robin Sharma.One of the most favored leadership guru currently.

It is again fantastic book written by robin.
After his greatness guide and the monk who sold his ferrari... this book is also about how to live life. It inspires in many ways.
Robin has articulate the story very phenomenally.
Once you get in to few pages you wont be able to put out book without finishing.Story line holds the readers nerve thoroughly.Specially who loves to read robin sharma or inspirational books.

Another book I am reading is about pros and cons of investment by warren buffet way..
actually I forgot the author name (which i usually dont but now days not getting enough time to read books ).

Books is for how to make smart investment and when to switch you investment in different sector according to market breath.
Book tells very fundamental basics.Very effective methodology for investment.Really a worth reading for making sound Investment Portfolio.

3rd one I am reading is Word Power Made Easy :)
Its not for making you chronic in vocabulary only.....

It is needless to say that this book nurture your knowledge.

How to pronounce words , Origin of the words these all are written so decently that you will never realize that you are reading this book for vocabulary building.
Norman Lewis has created a book at par excellence.
It is a etymological epic :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What is procrastination?

Do you often think that your to do list never get finish?You always been busy with pending tasks?
Are you adding same task again & again because they remained unfinished from last many days?

That means deferment of actions or tasks to a later time which increase your anxiety,This is by all means Procrastination. It is now common in highly competitive world where you daily faces cut throat competition.

People who suffers from procrastination, work same amount of time as common people do but as they are not capable of putting right thing in right basket they usually busy with undeserving tasks.

They do not have any priority table or do not understand work break up structure perfectly. Usually they are not able to interpret meaning of Urgent Task and Important tasks.

There are more then on reason for procrastination such as chunking, inability to organize things, forgetfulness.

Procrastination has many drawbacks it indulge feeling of guild, self-disgust & depression.

So, it requires to be cured promptly as it is identified.

I hope this will help you to identify what is Procrastination; I will help you to get rid of it in my next article.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

More slangss...........

quiznic : a person that is constantly asking accusatory
Chook: a hen
Couch potato: A person who spends a lot of idle time sitting
Cool someone's heels: Wait for a long time and get bored or impatient.
Be (as) cool as a cucumber: very calm and relaxed even in a difficult .
Cook Someone's Goose: Get someone in trouble. Keep someone from succeeding.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Few Inspirational Quotes

"Mistakes are the portals of discovery."
- James Joyce

"Results? Why man, I have gotten a lot of results. I know 50,000 things that won't work."
- Thomas A. Edison

"There is no security on this earth: There is only opportunity."
- General Douglas MacArthur

"The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism."- -Norman Vincent Peale

"Assume nothing, pursue everything."
- Kevin Riper

"The best preparation for tomorrow is to do today's work superbly well."
-Sir William Osler

"To find fault is easy: To do better may be difficult."
- Plutarch

”Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.”
- Henry Ford

”The ratio of We’s to I’s is the best indicator of the development of a team.”
- Lewis B. Ergen

”I am easily satisfied with the very best.”
- Winston Churchill

”The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.”
- John Scully

”A championship team is a team of champions.”
- Unknown

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lets Imrpove Vocab

Hi folks
I used to read word power made easy of norman lewis it is not only for vocab builder , but by this book you are more clear with all etomlogy .
Here I m sharing few words
Anthropology:- here anthropo is greek word which means ManKind and logos also a greek word which means sciency and study...
logos now you can think about so many words which are belong to study or science like bio logy,zoology...etc.

2)Astronomer:- Astron in greek Star and nomos means arrangement,law.order.
Astronomer is person who is intrested in arrangement of stars

astron combines with logos form a astrology science which asses the influence of stars and planets to humum lives...
astrloger:- person who is practionar of astrology.
astronaut:- sailor amonth the stars because nautes equal sailor in greek
cosomonaut(by russians) :-kosmos means universe in greek.
nautical :- related to sailing ...
nausea:- seasickness.
Asterisk :- Star shaped symbol call asterisk "*".

so howz it after finding etymology for particular word :)
I recommand this book to you all .this book will definitely boost up your confidence.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Time management Tactics

Recently I am pretending that i am reading a time management book :)
I found one point prissy which intimated me to write some thing about it.

Books tells that
Learn to use transition time.

let us first define transition time.

We often have situation where we have to wait for 10 or 15 minute.
like in a bank,or when we have appointment with doctor,on air port,on bus station or on railway station, during lunch time,long tv break,and many more.....

You never know that
these situations can be useful to manage your time and can be very helpful.

To habituate to utilize your transition time you have to keep few things with you every always such as

  • Interesting Articles from magazine which you like to read but not able to read at all due to time shortage.
  • (I am sure you will read it in a week if you keep it with you else you will never )
  • Management book with important chapters marked(or book of you domain )
  • Documents that need proofreading such as credit card bills.
  • your diary/time planner(If you dont have please make habit of having diary )
Most of the transition time will be obvious,such as 10 minute free time in meeting or appointment..but some time this kind of time unexpectedly increase like if meeting delayed or canceled ..., bus/train or plane delayed...
If you utilize this kind of time, it will gain your confidence , you will able to delegate all pending task list or to do.

So First lesson from this book is Learn to use your transition time.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Greatness Guide

Greatness guide is he book which remained top seller for more then a year.
Author of this book is robin sharma.

This book proves his class , how much he adhered to excellency.
It is like daily supplements which are mandatory to live life fully.

Writing here about this book is nothing but only I am paying tribute to robin sharma.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Screw It lets do it.

Again Rechard branson.
Currently I have become branson maniac.
My wife presented me this good book.

In this book Richard Brannon has narrated few good incidents of his life.

Each one carrying good title had and interesting story which ultimately give message
"Screw It lets Do it"
you must read this book once.It will help you to nurture your entrepreneur skills.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Few Slangs may help you

Here i am giving few slangs it may help you for better communication

American Slang :Dank
---Dank is user for cool,beautiful

English slang : doge's bollocks
---Use for describing best of the best.

American slang : tight

---Tight is used for Harsh, ex. corporate gives tight review on current budget.

American Slang : grit
--- user for money

Rechard Branson

Hi ,

I wanted to write some thing about rechard branson quite a long time ago,

Recently i watched in news channel. Rechard branson is about to enter in indian mobile market with via TATA group(One of the most trustworthy group of india).

I am more excited then tata’s for bringing Rechard here,

Rechard Branson was dyslexia patient(Dyslexia-have you seen Tare Zameen par(Amir khan’s) movie, In the darshil safari was suffering from same disease).
Rechard branson has tried number of business and got failed in many of them but he is still not hesitating for new business.

He is the mentor of vergin music, vergin air line, virgin cola,virgin mobile..

before few days ago i read on post , rechard branson is number one roll model in britain, he left Jesus behind in that poll.

He is famous as a dream boss.

I am reading his autobiography Loosing my virginity , this book makes me elite fan of rechard branson.

I Really appriciate his courage ,knowledge and management skills…

I recommend all reader to read this book once it is fascinating.

–Ketan Raval

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