Friday, January 20, 2012

My Top 5 Prediction on Technology and Sociology for Year 2012

1)      Fragmentation of life more and more
This is something I already have predicted way behind fragmentation of life, fragmentation of behavior.  In simple word  human being will not live straight forward life even if he/she wants to. Life will force people to login in facebook, twitter, rss feed, read blogs, read comments, emails, check in, papers, graphs, infogprahics, presentation, charts this is going to be routine for everyone  at one end this decision making things will get saturated or stable. 

2)      Decision Making Application
There will be huge surge on decision making applications, like compare engines, compare results,  ratings, reviews , feedbacks. Most of companies will strive towards this subject....

3)      Ecommerce growth in Africa & Asia

2012 will tell whole world that Africa and Asia are left behind and they are more lucrative markets in eCommerce then USA & Europe. Especially Asia has a very less penetration of E-commerce and my prediction is that it will unleash this year.

4)      Social TV & Social Digital Camera

Traditional TV will be replace by Social & internet Enabled TVs , And social sharing on TV + real interactive TV like communicating with another viewers or interacting with live panel by seating at home will become feasible.

Digital Camera my prediction on this is that Wi-Fi enabled digital camera will come in market. With built-in internet connectivity or picture sharing facility. Hollywood at your TV at very nominal price which will curb piracy issues a bit too.

5)      Local is better.. People will realize soon
Global Business will become more local; business vendors will try to get business from local then more from Global.  & Digital Marketing will be part of marketing agenda in all over the world. Even for small or medium size enterprise will look into it.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA blackout

Stop online privacy Act ... Has created buzz over d world now ...

Wikipedia has announced blackout whole day means .. Wiki sites will not be accessible throughout day..

Along with wikipedia ... Reddit, joomla, drupal, wordpress, flickr & many more communities had joined protest against this act..

SOPA is poorly crafted act & if it comes in act many companies will have to close down.....

I am writing this post while having oil massage on hair .. I love my mother ;)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Benefit of iPhone app of blogger

Just because I have mobile app this is my another straight second day post .. Not very often I do :)

But now I will ..
Had a good day .. Attended seminar of Gillian president of seomoz.
She came very late.. Explained her presentation .. Answer some stereotype questions :)

But it was good :) at least we got out to see what people are thinking & doing...

Socialising hard to do for me specially with business networkers .. They are egoistic + pretty good liars ..

Some good people will be there too.. Will engage more to know about them .. Till then adios ;)

Happy blogging.. Seomoz has some good stuff as well people who are in seo business should at least have a look :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blogger from iPhone first look

This is my first post frm iPhone .. Sitting in my bean bag chair ;) watching harry potter with parents & trying this application.

On first look This can be a good app for travelog.. :)

Like today was kite flying festival .. I can share some pic from phone like this..

There is location mapping as well .. At this moment it is not working well
Anyway this is not a good app for bloggers who are blogging to earn money ..

Friday, January 6, 2012

As an Ancient History Toast was invented as a safety measure

This is another good fact that I came to know via Twitter..

As we know in Ancient time , building empires was among the most important thing. thus politics and murders were part of life... Poison was best murder weapon at that time..

So, Toast was invented to reassure that drinks are not with poison. In this gesture guest and host was toasting glass of wine and during this liquid or wine will spit in each others cup .. & this ensures that there is not any poison in given drink.  because if there was any poison person would become reluctant to toast as during toast poison will come in its cup also..

I really liked this one :)