Tuesday, February 2, 2010

hats of to kishore biyani

yesterday me and my wife was out for some shopping .. nothing special just few usual... We went to big bazaar, central mall,pantaloon, home town, brand factor.. while returning one thought sparked .. do you know all this malls belongs to only one man Kishor Biyani and his group name is Future Group.

Its amazing that now kishore biyani knows all most everything about consumer apatite , indian consumer's buying pattern. ..

let me explain few things.. i am really happy that indian business mind is growing faster then any other countries..

(I am only talking about growth in ahmedabad) Intially Future group had only Pantaloons in Ahmedabad.. and we all know it was only for higher middle class and rich people, Middle class,lower middle class was out of reach.
But no one really thought that highest consumption power is in Middle class consumer.

Mr. Kishore Biyani just started BIG BAZAAR and it has changed the scenario in whole india, It has made people to walk in to mall everyday.. and mall culture established perfectly.

Now it was no easy to reach to all audiances... They made Specific Malls, HOME TOWN for Furniture, Ezone For Electronics, FOOD BAZAAR for food and vegetables.... this made people to walk in to multiple malls but almost all belong to mr. Kishor Biyani...

Now another point.... Big Malls are not able to catch all consumer daily.. Another plan executed..
"FAIR PRICE" they have opened small shops name FAIR PRICE .. it is grocerry shop and almost every where in Ahmedabad , same like local grocer. Idea succed now customers are going every where.. in bigbazaar for weekend shopping, hometown for furniture and bathrrom furnishings, ezone for electronics..... they even don't know that all is one. :)

Another point.. here

Kishore sir has main business is retail now but his main business was garments.. Now how they are making pattern here.. .lets check..

-----------------------------For status and people who love to spend money--------
Pantallon Show room
Provogue Show room
RIG show room

--> We konw all cloths are never get sold in garments.. but how to sell them to stock clearing?

They stock all branded but out fashioned or stock clearing cloths in

Pantaloon Factory OUTLETS
Brand Factory...

here whole middle class will go and shop why? they are satisfying their ego to wear the same cloths that richer people are wearing.. so almost everything here are becoming out of stock :) isnt it amazing that Furture group is doing the good business yes.. one unethical thing is that Indian middle class is most suffered class and they are being targetted for business only but ignored in all other things.. yes i am sure this class is ignored more then BPL class.. and this group(not only this but all business group nowdays) is trying to get everything out of middle class. And not letting them to save enough. (anyway its another topic)

Currently I checked one another pattern.. Future group changes its faces in every few months to look fresher and get more audiences ...
how ? They are keeping new names of malls like home town, ezone, food bazar, brand factory, central mall.... every 6 month they make "new brand image" in consumer mind.. to look fresh and new....

Simlary they are doing in Cloths .. they are keep making new brands frequently like john major,RIG, umm and mane more..... so people have wide range and they feel they are now wearing branded cloths..

This is amazing and its really good that Indian Businessman can change everything as per its own idea.. he has changed almost every body's mind set about purchasing, shopping, spending :)

Hates of to you mr.Kishore Biyani

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