Tuesday, September 23, 2008

how to recover from hairline fracture?

Recently, one of my best friend has faced a hairline fracture in his left leg.
I know that he is able to endure the pain but it was really worrisome,We consulted 2 doctors.diagnosis was mostly common from both the doctors.He had a plaster for a week and prescribed for painkillers,anti -biotic.

He is now okay and 90% recovered from his hairline fracture; from this injury we now have learned few things which can be helpful to you in this kind of fractures.
Here are few hairline fracture symptoms and few things which can help you to learn how are hairline fractures treated at home ?

1) If you are having too much of pain in only certain area then it might be a fracture.
2) Don't panic if it is a fracture.... Recovery in fracture is fast if you take care about few things.
3) Do not move fractured area at all.
4) If you don't want plaster or bandage on that area ,just have complete bed rest do not even move for 3-4 days.
5) Have Milk.
6) Anti-biotic are always necessary when you have any accident because you never know how much damage has been occurred at inner part of your body.
7) Calcium is required for faster healing-banana ,milk,egg & if requires you can take calcium tablets for that.

There is one golden rule for recovery from any fracture. And it is do not move your fractured bones.Bones can reconstruct damage part if bones are not moved and have complete rest.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization- SEO refers to improve your site popularity and ranking in search engines.Someone search for particular word or phrase( which called keywords in technical term),and your website comes in first page of search engine will make your site more populer and will help you to grow in your business.Ranking and position on first page is depended upon your site content, number of relevant and good site linking back to your site.Offshore web development can help you to achieve this.

Keywords:-words or phrase you use to search something on search engine is referred as keywords.

Link Building :- You can drive traffic by placing your link to other sites.you should place your link in popular sites. you can contact any
Seo service provider to start link building campaign for your site.

Direcotory and Search Engine submission:-
is one other of online marketing.Submiting your site’s link on a relevant Directory or Search Engine .
There are so many directories are available to do this.you must choose directories which has page rank high.

Article and Blog Submissions:-
Posting Articles and blogs are best white hate technique in web promotion,Offering reader a fresh and relevent content will drive you a more relevant and interested traffic to your website.which will eventually help you.Article submission and Web Promotion can be handed over to a good firm which can perform these kind of task to you with a very effective way.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mobile Radiation can cause many problems

People have seen the exorbitant growth in communication .Mobiles,pdas are becoming a part of life even in rural area. This horrendous growth in mobile communication has certainly make authorities in worries. We all are aware of that radiation from mobile can cause a large number of disease. Possibility of tumor is double for avid mobile users.

There are many other dangerous problem can occur too such as cancer, degeneration, deafness, sleeplessness,irritability.

Usually radiations are not that much strong enough to break chemical bonds in body. but heavy use may elicit the risk of brain cancer. Heavy and long term mobile usage may damage tissues in the inner ear and can lead to deafness. Excessive use of mobiles may also activate brain’s stress system. Most common problem is it causes concentration problem and a sleeplessness problem in avid mobile user. They are usually not it is also proved that the usage of mobile can effect male fertility.

Although it now many mobile companies are also taking care of this harmful radiations.And trying to mitigate the problem. They are launching mobiles with low radiation capability.In India Tata Telecommunication is claiming that their mobiles are not too harmful.Even if their mobile phones do not cause disturbance with any other radio devices nearby. Like if your cell phones is near to computer speaker or monitor or any radioactive device, Tata telecommunication cdma phone will not cause any distortion or disturbance. This kind of initiative is really good for Society.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

What is Hard Refresh?

If you are visiting any web site frequently so than your browser will store the few elements of web page in browser cache so on next request of same page browser will fetch those elements from cache instead from server. This will speed up your browsing effectively. Element mostly contains photographs,style sheets,pages which you have already visited. but sometimes for such reasons the website is changed then you may not able to view the change because you are actually viewing cached page. You can solve this problem by removing cache data or using hard refresh. Hard Refresh will skip checking data from cache and it will fetch data directly from browser.

Normally we are using “Refresh” Button or press F5 button to Refresh the website. For Hard Refresh way is held down while clicking on refresh button or pressing F5.Alternatively you can hold ShiftKey,ControlKey And R. It will skip checking cache and will download page from direct server.

Hard refresh is very useful to clear forms, It ensure that you are viewing the latest updated web page. If you are viewing a web page that looks odd or if you find glitches on web page then hard refresh may be necessary. Web site which are constantly updating such as news website, article directory, Hard refresh is required.

Friday, September 5, 2008

What is Entrepreneurs skills?

Today I would like to share what is entrepreneurs skills?
and India's one of the top entrepreneurs who has influenced a tons of young to people to chase the dream.

First of all few characteristic of entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur like to Faces the new challenges in the life,
Has a good vision in life,
Has ability to do some thing New,
Identify opportunities and take risks in order to realize them,
Know what to do and when to do.

Karsanbhai Patel is born at mehsana in Gujarat. After completing B.Sc. in Chemistry he worked as a lab assistant in the New cotton Mills at ahmedabad later on he joined the Geology and mining department of the Government of Gujarat.

After words he begun to make the detergent at home and sells it door to door . He name his venture as Nirma from his daughter name Nirupama.
Initially he sold Nirma detergent at lowest cost only Rs3 per kg .the next cheapest available price in the market was Rs.13.
Quality and Quantity are two main factors which made Nirma successful in the market.
Than he started to making soaps like Nirma bath and Nirma beauty soap, and Super Nirma detergent. Gradually nirma became the brand.Nirma made the permanent place in every bathroom of India.And rhyme of its advertise became the most popular jingle for many years. Nirma covers the 30% market for the premium detergent segment and 20% for the soaps market.

In 1995 he started his “Nirma Institute of Technology” an engineering college in Ahmedabad this is the smartest decision taken by Mr Karshan bhai.
Now he dont require to for talent hunt . he developed and nurture young India.
Nirma Institute (Ahmedabad,Gujrat) is the top ranked institute in Gujarat,which provides near to 100% placement to its student.

Later on Ambani's have also followed the same thing and opened up an institutes. Bharti group also now entering in to same educational domain.
So,Mr.Karshan bhai has given a good vision to nation,industry & of course he is living legend in Gujrat.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ratan Tata and his Nano is in difficulty.

We all knows about Ratan Tata’s 1 lac Rupees Car.Tata want
To Complete his dream of having a personal car of every middle class family.
He launched project for it and Care named “Nano”.
This car will be cheapest car of the world merely a 2500$ car.

After sucesfully acquiring Jaguar and land rover tata's are already in now world map and this project will make them distinct from other players.

For Production of this car Tata Motors started a its plant in Singur(West Bengal in India).
Tata motors got the land from local farmers By help of West Bengal Government.

But now due to oppose of many farmer and sheer violence put this project in halt.

Ratan Tata has Finally Decided to Move out from west bangal for Nano Project.
It was a very bold decision but as Tata’s are always acclaimed for their loyalty.
Workers were in very high risk at Singur plant due to heavy oppose of local people.

Leader of opposition has played major role in this project failure at Singur.
But now government will be in more trouble as there are many farmers who had sold their land to government and have made a lot of money.
Now no body knows what will happen to that acquired land as tata will not bear the loss of that its obvious.

West Bengal government must take this matter seriously else still situation is very critical and now farmers who has already sold their land may raise the voice.

In India most of the people are aware of this fuss and we all agree that Government of west Bengal is responsible for this.

Lets hope that dream of Ratan Tata will be accomplished in time with peace .
Common man is eagerly waiting for this car , no doubt about it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pollution control -Isn't it our social responsibility?

The main sources of air pollution are industries, traffic and energy generation.
Air pollutants are emitted because of production processes and combustion processes,
Due to more production process the chemical waste is created and this waste must be
Drain out so the most way to drain out this waste is to left it in soil so it effects the soil
Fertility. Due to coal combustion gas many harmful gas emitted in atmosphere combustion of coal and natural gas for electricity production causes the release of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide into the air.

Traffic is also the part of making pollution. In today’s world people needs are increased.Spending money in luxurious needs are in demand.People wants private vehicle for their use so the traffic is increased more. Traffic is plays major part in air pollution because of
hormful gas emission.Few dangerous gas emitted by vehicles are Carbon dioxide, VOC and small carbon monoxide,.

We must control control this gas emission by using general traffic sense , following traffic rules and increasing the use of public transport instead of private vehicle.
In the world china is on top to create CO2 in atmosphere while INDIA is on third place

The various kinds of pollutants are damaging the ozone layer. The ozone is the most
Useful layer to avoid the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun light. During ozone decomposition an oxygen-poor molecule is released, which aids the breakdown of ozone. There are a number of compounds that catalyse ozone decomposition. Examples are hydroxide (OH), nitrogen oxides, chlorine (Cl) and bromine (Br).

If we dont wake up , it will be to late ..we have to do our best to control pollution.