Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ratan Tata and his Nano is in difficulty.

We all knows about Ratan Tata’s 1 lac Rupees Car.Tata want
To Complete his dream of having a personal car of every middle class family.
He launched project for it and Care named “Nano”.
This car will be cheapest car of the world merely a 2500$ car.

After sucesfully acquiring Jaguar and land rover tata's are already in now world map and this project will make them distinct from other players.

For Production of this car Tata Motors started a its plant in Singur(West Bengal in India).
Tata motors got the land from local farmers By help of West Bengal Government.

But now due to oppose of many farmer and sheer violence put this project in halt.

Ratan Tata has Finally Decided to Move out from west bangal for Nano Project.
It was a very bold decision but as Tata’s are always acclaimed for their loyalty.
Workers were in very high risk at Singur plant due to heavy oppose of local people.

Leader of opposition has played major role in this project failure at Singur.
But now government will be in more trouble as there are many farmers who had sold their land to government and have made a lot of money.
Now no body knows what will happen to that acquired land as tata will not bear the loss of that its obvious.

West Bengal government must take this matter seriously else still situation is very critical and now farmers who has already sold their land may raise the voice.

In India most of the people are aware of this fuss and we all agree that Government of west Bengal is responsible for this.

Lets hope that dream of Ratan Tata will be accomplished in time with peace .
Common man is eagerly waiting for this car , no doubt about it.

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Anonymous said...

hi ketan,
i think u have to post information about tata is moving to gujarat