Tuesday, September 23, 2008

how to recover from hairline fracture?

Recently, one of my best friend has faced a hairline fracture in his left leg.
I know that he is able to endure the pain but it was really worrisome,We consulted 2 doctors.diagnosis was mostly common from both the doctors.He had a plaster for a week and prescribed for painkillers,anti -biotic.

He is now okay and 90% recovered from his hairline fracture; from this injury we now have learned few things which can be helpful to you in this kind of fractures.
Here are few hairline fracture symptoms and few things which can help you to learn how are hairline fractures treated at home ?

1) If you are having too much of pain in only certain area then it might be a fracture.
2) Don't panic if it is a fracture.... Recovery in fracture is fast if you take care about few things.
3) Do not move fractured area at all.
4) If you don't want plaster or bandage on that area ,just have complete bed rest do not even move for 3-4 days.
5) Have Milk.
6) Anti-biotic are always necessary when you have any accident because you never know how much damage has been occurred at inner part of your body.
7) Calcium is required for faster healing-banana ,milk,egg & if requires you can take calcium tablets for that.

There is one golden rule for recovery from any fracture. And it is do not move your fractured bones.Bones can reconstruct damage part if bones are not moved and have complete rest.

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