Saturday, March 29, 2008

Greatness Guide

Greatness guide is he book which remained top seller for more then a year.
Author of this book is robin sharma.

This book proves his class , how much he adhered to excellency.
It is like daily supplements which are mandatory to live life fully.

Writing here about this book is nothing but only I am paying tribute to robin sharma.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Screw It lets do it.

Again Rechard branson.
Currently I have become branson maniac.
My wife presented me this good book.

In this book Richard Brannon has narrated few good incidents of his life.

Each one carrying good title had and interesting story which ultimately give message
"Screw It lets Do it"
you must read this book once.It will help you to nurture your entrepreneur skills.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Few Slangs may help you

Here i am giving few slangs it may help you for better communication

American Slang :Dank
---Dank is user for cool,beautiful

English slang : doge's bollocks
---Use for describing best of the best.

American slang : tight

---Tight is used for Harsh, ex. corporate gives tight review on current budget.

American Slang : grit
--- user for money

Rechard Branson

Hi ,

I wanted to write some thing about rechard branson quite a long time ago,

Recently i watched in news channel. Rechard branson is about to enter in indian mobile market with via TATA group(One of the most trustworthy group of india).

I am more excited then tata’s for bringing Rechard here,

Rechard Branson was dyslexia patient(Dyslexia-have you seen Tare Zameen par(Amir khan’s) movie, In the darshil safari was suffering from same disease).
Rechard branson has tried number of business and got failed in many of them but he is still not hesitating for new business.

He is the mentor of vergin music, vergin air line, virgin cola,virgin mobile..

before few days ago i read on post , rechard branson is number one roll model in britain, he left Jesus behind in that poll.

He is famous as a dream boss.

I am reading his autobiography Loosing my virginity , this book makes me elite fan of rechard branson.

I Really appriciate his courage ,knowledge and management skills…

I recommend all reader to read this book once it is fascinating.

–Ketan Raval

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