Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pollution control -Isn't it our social responsibility?

The main sources of air pollution are industries, traffic and energy generation.
Air pollutants are emitted because of production processes and combustion processes,
Due to more production process the chemical waste is created and this waste must be
Drain out so the most way to drain out this waste is to left it in soil so it effects the soil
Fertility. Due to coal combustion gas many harmful gas emitted in atmosphere combustion of coal and natural gas for electricity production causes the release of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide into the air.

Traffic is also the part of making pollution. In today’s world people needs are increased.Spending money in luxurious needs are in demand.People wants private vehicle for their use so the traffic is increased more. Traffic is plays major part in air pollution because of
hormful gas emission.Few dangerous gas emitted by vehicles are Carbon dioxide, VOC and small carbon monoxide,.

We must control control this gas emission by using general traffic sense , following traffic rules and increasing the use of public transport instead of private vehicle.
In the world china is on top to create CO2 in atmosphere while INDIA is on third place

The various kinds of pollutants are damaging the ozone layer. The ozone is the most
Useful layer to avoid the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun light. During ozone decomposition an oxygen-poor molecule is released, which aids the breakdown of ozone. There are a number of compounds that catalyse ozone decomposition. Examples are hydroxide (OH), nitrogen oxides, chlorine (Cl) and bromine (Br).

If we dont wake up , it will be to late ..we have to do our best to control pollution.

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dats d most impo thing u wrote v r moving to our death slowly by makin pollution.