Saturday, August 30, 2008

Few Facts about Incense Stick

To light a incense stick is a religious act and its vary popular in ASIA.people are lighting incense stick in different act at different places like at home, at temple ,at offices,etc.after lighting it it spreads good smell around you and make environment good but people do not know how much effective it’s smells for their body.

In one survey it is described that if the smell of incense stick is go in our body via breathing then it causes heavy damages to our respiratory system. These a incense stick are made from flowers and other nursery things with using different kind of oil and wood. In the smoke of incense stick contain some like Benzene and Polychromatic Hydrocarbons.if person consume these particles by breath for long time then it can damage the different kind of breathing system.after made a test on more than 61000 people it is found that 325 people are affected by the smell of incense stick . this survey is done by Jepp Freeborg from kopanhegan stens serum Institute.

It has been proved that Incense burning throw 4 times more particulate than cigarette.

Researchers state that “Inhaling incense smoke may cause allergies,growth and tumors.” The researchers who studies incense, state that “a typical composition of stick incense consists of 21% (by weight) of herbal and wood powder, 35% of fragrance material, 11% of adhesive powder, and 33% of bamboo stick.


Anonymous said...

i think this is good one. people can understand every kind of smoke can make damage after long time if its smoke about cigarette else incense stick Really Good one

daisy said...

You're right. Apart from all these injurious effect it can also doubled the risk of cancer.