Monday, July 20, 2009

cadbury marketing strategy in india

Hi ,Recently I found one cadbury marketing strategy in India which I would like to share with you.

If you can recall advertise which is now being frequently played in our radio station and TV channels " Mitha hai khana AAk Pehli Tarikh Hai" .
:) Means Cadbury marketing strategy in India wants to get in root of our tradition.

Earlier if you can remember when we have first day of salary we bring some sweets to our home.Still most of family follow this tradition so, Cadbury has targeted this area now by its own creative marketing style..

Here I would like to give few more example of great cadbury marketing strategy in India.

Please Give me answer.
When you get pass what you do? ( we will have common answer "paide khilao", give sweets to all to express happiness) .. Remember the advertise "PAPPU PASS HO GAYA"
Now Cadbury wants our traditional sweets to its "Cadbury Chocolates" .>

Another one example of cadbury marketing strategy...

What you bring on Rakshabandhan?
what you bring on Diwali?

Again common answer "Mithai","sweets" ,What cadbury wants ? Cadbury want us to replace this "mithai" with "Cadbury celebration chocolates".

Their slogan is "kuch mitha ho Jaye" means when you want to eat sweets go for Cadbury :).

In College campus it is deep routed now.. people used to bet for dairy milks, 5-stars. Cadbury has linked its brand with Friendship day, valentine day, mothers day, fathers day and many other days.

I think we should keep eating cadbury chocolates but we should not let cadbury to replace our traditional sweets. But yes I admit that cadbury marketing skills are great.

This is just an attempt of explaining how cadbury marketing is affecting our cultural change. Nothing is written with personal interest.


Anonymous said...

thanks...........assingment ban gaye hurray

Deepak Doddamani said...

Thanks nice explaination