Friday, July 3, 2009

where are we and what we are doing?

:) 2008 will remember for crackers from terrorists in all over India Jaipur,Ahmadabad, Delhi, mumbai,Bangalore. And for the greatest sensex fall .

Voice for patriotism is now over, all realize that we are living in a true hypocrisy. Huge number of people came at gate way of India shouted for our politics, system. All had feelings that India is really now changing . We are not planners now and we are executer too.
Then Election came and so as IPL too. People now have forgotten that incident, people who were shouting now busy to earn money, watching federer to win, and criticising dhoni for his captaincy.some are worried about recent inflation and some are worried about interest rates.

I do not know where India is heading? But I know that I am also part of the same system and every day we are trying to fool ourselves.
Why we show off the things which are never belong to us?

Even knowledge cannot be shown off ... If I have knowledge, then does it mean that it is belongs to me? :) If it is only belongs to me how it will help society (without feeling of show-off :) )

Spending some time to orphanage and second innings can help some noble cause. Also few simple but effective things can be done such as blood donation, giving books to needy people.
India is heading to largest imbalance of money and wealth in the country. We who can think should think about it and try to balance the act . ( I believe all person only got this life to educate someone )

I am really looking for some constructive efforts in this path and soon will come with latest updates regarding nurturing India :)

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