Sunday, March 25, 2012

No there is no Visa On arrival for Indian Passport holder in Doha, Qatar

Lol,  Why I am writing this ? because of my own laziness I have suffered 19hrs layover .
I had booked ticket from Ahmedabad to Manchester from Qatar Airways & there was 19hrs layover on Sunday at Doha.I was traveling to UK to  sign some  Seo Packages from my customers and some Web Design Contracts.
One of my friend told me they will give visa on arrival , actually that was the reason I took 19hrs layover was Sunday so I though I will get transist visa & will move around Doha.

I previously experienced a great services from Emirates Airways for transist visa. It has been great Dubai experience for me last year so I thought this will be same J. After Arriving at Doha I came to know that Indian Passport holder can not get visa on arrival lol , there was nothing to do than passing time on Airport L

What I did on Airport?

  • Facebooking
  • watching Videos
  • Twitting
  • India Vs Pakistan Match was going on so watched that for a while
  • Read books and learned some spanish
  • Talked couple of girls from Morocco , they had missed their flight ,  I forgot the name of her but one of them was in Marketing executive of Air Morocco. So I engaged with some business communication with her .  Personally I believe she was also bored and wanted to talk with someone .. we talked about culture , Islam , India, Morrocco, France, England J ..

Best thing about Doha Airport is you have free Wifi , may be that’s the only good thing J

So: if you are an Indian passport holder , than there is no visa on Arival at Doha , Qatar.

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