Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Trying to keep this blog alive

It's great about having mobile app for everything .. You feel like you have little world on these smart little device ..:)
I am pretty sure I may not have tried to keep this blog alive if I did not have this phone :)

In am attempt to keep alive this post .. There is nothing special to write about apart from usual updates..

Letsnurture & me both are looking for some good partners & team to nurture everything around .. My thoughts on spending more time on discovering new things are still on..

Work is going fine ( normally I do not complain much about work stress it is a part of life & it ll stay forever)

Watching IPL is something that I am doing daily .. Waiting for French open & see federer in action ..

While I was writing last some words my pending tasks started to appear on my brain screen .. :) which kind a suck ..

Need to sort out few things tomorrow ..

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