Thursday, October 25, 2012

Saturday hosting first event at letsnurture

Life is always about first time....I am stepping in for the first time for social activities..
It is always difficult to justify ourself ...lets see how this thing goes..
We are gling to donate stationaries to  600 under privilleaged students.
visited a municipal school today and  found a whole different world there ..
My life as a student was so superb i enjoyed a joyride of being notorious student during school..
Life in college extended the same version of ketan ..
Life as an engineer went superfast 400% increment on salary in just 16 months..
Life took serisous turn started own venture spoiled almost relationship for just one vision..
Now after having web designing firm having plenty of linkedin recomendation for digital marketing .. I still feel amature.. Still learning new things ..still trying things first time.
We are going to host an event for municipal school ... i am nervous just  like my first kiss,my first sex ,my first accident,my first failure,my first project, my first day at school .. you can get everything how did it went here... after few days.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Now this is a post from android phone galaxy note

Another silly attempt by this blog alive.. these so many dots are because of unconvincing switch from iphone to android... But i think the way google is pushing content network on android we will see a tremendous growth :)
Enjoy life.... Have you checked our navratri app for android phone ? We have crossed 5000 downloads :) amazing right? Checkout navratri dhamal on google our app will be on first page :)
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