Sunday, October 26, 2008

Interview With Sunil Mittal (Bharti Group)

Yesterday I watched interview of Sunil Mittal on NDTV profit.
He was discussing about Bharti's Future Expansion over the next few years.
He was talking about entering in to retails sector in all over the India.Bharti has colobrated with most populer retail giant wall mart for their Indian retail operation.They are going to penetrate market at its grass root level.Planning to reach at tier 3 towns of India.
Sunil mittal Said that retail sector has low margin and requires large concertation on each every segamant of the operation.According to him they will follow EveryDay Low Price (ELDP)strategy in their Shoppig Malls.

Apart from this He has given one of the most interesting news that Bharati is going to enter in education.
He said it is not for business, It is to build a knowledgable society in India.Good education is the fundamental to build a helalthy Nation.He said that they will build more then 20000 schools and colleges and hopefully universities.
As per his vision its a very impressive intiative by Mr.Mittal.
He said that we want to saw that how Public and private can work together for a great motive.
Yes as of being India I appriciate Sunil Mittal's thought,I like one more thing from that interview,He said that Corparate has many social responsibilities and corporate should build up a good nation ,good society.

cheers India has really a great corporate culture.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Biggest Threat:Power consumption by Computer and I.T. Companies

We all know we do not have unlimited source of power generation except (hyrdo ,wind or solar).And none of this alternatives are as feasible as nuclear or thermal power plants.

Intially computer industry were saving powers and also were very less in power cosumpation mesures.But As Internet grown exorbitantly,It is now become biggest threat for power consumption.
Every day Millions of mega byte data added in internet.mostly through Email,Chat history,communication,Content.
We are not use to clean up our mails regulerly, but you will be amazed to know that your due to these large inbox companies require large servers which ultimately consumes more energy.
As of being software engineer I would like to request you all

  • people to delete your unwanted mails as soon as possible.
  • Do not add unlimited and unorganic content in internet.
  • Please clear your chat history if you dont required.
  • Delete All your temperory internet files.
  • Use Back button of browser when you want to go back to preveoius page of site.( Do use back button in sesitive site or for any secure transaction) .
  • if you are a web designer please prefer to create website in dark colors or near to black.As we all know white color requires more energy.
  • Switch off you monitor after shutdown.
  • plug off everything after you finish your work on your computer or laptop.
    you can suggest more energy saving methods....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dial For Health -Good Service in Ahemedabad

Dial For Health is medical store which provides good services..

I am not promoting their services here but I always believe good deeds must be appreciated.
It is a ethical duty of entrepreneurs :).

You may have used free home delivery services of pizzas or food or other things .
In Ahmedabad people are used to order for free home delivery in foods,juices,furnitures ,consumer durables etc.

But Have you used free home delivery services for Medicines in ahmedabad?,
We all know getting a medicine at a right time is far more important task then eating food or shopping.
Before few days ago me and my wife were passing in are where we live.I stop my bike at one shop as janki wanted to have medicines.Shop was "Dial for health"

While returning she showed me card for "Dial For Health ", and informed me that they provide free home delivery for medicines , also hold health check up camps and provides discount in medicines.

So,Its a good start for value added services in Medical domain.

Lets talk about one more good issue...
I have many friends and relatives from Medical professions ,I know that Profit margins in medicals are too huge they earn more then 200% profits in some tablets.
But As they know person who come to buy medicines is not that much worried about discounts ,so they never bother to give discounts or reduce the profit margin.

I have appeal to all People who are enganged with the medical profession.
Global economy is melting down.It is just because of Imbalance in distribution of money/Income.
So,Please help poor people.In this age where Breads are getting costlier every day and cars getting cheaper every day,we need to help people who are below poverty line,there is no almighty in our country to help them.
As a human being we have to take this responsibility.

Hope after reading this article someone will announce special discounts to middle class or below middle class families.

Johny Depp Sexiest man on earth now

As per latest news from Britain cosmopolitan magazine, the 45 year hollywoord hearh throb got the first rank in a poll .

Johny depp is getting more and more famous and increasing his popularity seamlessly.Depp beat George Colony ,47 year ..Colony got the second rank .

By this news we can say that both these stars are getting better and better with their age.
Soccer superstar David backham is also in the top 10 list.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Indian News Media Responsibility

As we all know sep-11 is one of the biggest terrorist attacks on USA.

During the broadcast of this horrible news live, US media has never even disturb the people.
They never have shown bodies with blood flood.
And US media has never made a terrorist a hero or master mind.
They never have shown that how much terrorist are literate until it required.

These news channels have shown a great sense of responsibility toward the nation and humanity.
I think now you might have get where I am pointing too.

Indian news channels are showing river of bloods, dead bodies, making terrorist as a master mind.
It is a shit use of democracy. Indian media were demanding about the freedom like US media.
But they forget the very simple low that great power comes with great responsibility.

As an Indian I really feel ashamed when our media are misusing sensitive issues for their profit and trp ratings.

Right now India is under threat of terrorist attacked more then 100 bomb blasted in last 6 month. It is time to show unity.

Now terrorist have washed the brain of our younger blood, We need to revert their mind for patriotism.And we all know media is only thing which can be helpful, but I don’t know when they will wake up.

Showing a terrorist as a master mind, telling people that they are literate, they are software engineers, MBA aspirants. Are not we producing more terrorist?

Its now time has come to understand our responsibility, we have to quit watching this kind of contents which are training our children that how to become terrorist.We will push Indian media to change their mindset.

Hoping for your support.