Thursday, October 2, 2008

Indian News Media Responsibility

As we all know sep-11 is one of the biggest terrorist attacks on USA.

During the broadcast of this horrible news live, US media has never even disturb the people.
They never have shown bodies with blood flood.
And US media has never made a terrorist a hero or master mind.
They never have shown that how much terrorist are literate until it required.

These news channels have shown a great sense of responsibility toward the nation and humanity.
I think now you might have get where I am pointing too.

Indian news channels are showing river of bloods, dead bodies, making terrorist as a master mind.
It is a shit use of democracy. Indian media were demanding about the freedom like US media.
But they forget the very simple low that great power comes with great responsibility.

As an Indian I really feel ashamed when our media are misusing sensitive issues for their profit and trp ratings.

Right now India is under threat of terrorist attacked more then 100 bomb blasted in last 6 month. It is time to show unity.

Now terrorist have washed the brain of our younger blood, We need to revert their mind for patriotism.And we all know media is only thing which can be helpful, but I don’t know when they will wake up.

Showing a terrorist as a master mind, telling people that they are literate, they are software engineers, MBA aspirants. Are not we producing more terrorist?

Its now time has come to understand our responsibility, we have to quit watching this kind of contents which are training our children that how to become terrorist.We will push Indian media to change their mindset.

Hoping for your support.

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