Sunday, October 26, 2008

Interview With Sunil Mittal (Bharti Group)

Yesterday I watched interview of Sunil Mittal on NDTV profit.
He was discussing about Bharti's Future Expansion over the next few years.
He was talking about entering in to retails sector in all over the India.Bharti has colobrated with most populer retail giant wall mart for their Indian retail operation.They are going to penetrate market at its grass root level.Planning to reach at tier 3 towns of India.
Sunil mittal Said that retail sector has low margin and requires large concertation on each every segamant of the operation.According to him they will follow EveryDay Low Price (ELDP)strategy in their Shoppig Malls.

Apart from this He has given one of the most interesting news that Bharati is going to enter in education.
He said it is not for business, It is to build a knowledgable society in India.Good education is the fundamental to build a helalthy Nation.He said that they will build more then 20000 schools and colleges and hopefully universities.
As per his vision its a very impressive intiative by Mr.Mittal.
He said that we want to saw that how Public and private can work together for a great motive.
Yes as of being India I appriciate Sunil Mittal's thought,I like one more thing from that interview,He said that Corparate has many social responsibilities and corporate should build up a good nation ,good society.

cheers India has really a great corporate culture.

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