Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Biggest Threat:Power consumption by Computer and I.T. Companies

We all know we do not have unlimited source of power generation except (hyrdo ,wind or solar).And none of this alternatives are as feasible as nuclear or thermal power plants.

Intially computer industry were saving powers and also were very less in power cosumpation mesures.But As Internet grown exorbitantly,It is now become biggest threat for power consumption.
Every day Millions of mega byte data added in internet.mostly through Email,Chat history,communication,Content.
We are not use to clean up our mails regulerly, but you will be amazed to know that your due to these large inbox companies require large servers which ultimately consumes more energy.
As of being software engineer I would like to request you all

  • people to delete your unwanted mails as soon as possible.
  • Do not add unlimited and unorganic content in internet.
  • Please clear your chat history if you dont required.
  • Delete All your temperory internet files.
  • Use Back button of browser when you want to go back to preveoius page of site.( Do use back button in sesitive site or for any secure transaction) .
  • if you are a web designer please prefer to create website in dark colors or near to black.As we all know white color requires more energy.
  • Switch off you monitor after shutdown.
  • plug off everything after you finish your work on your computer or laptop.
    you can suggest more energy saving methods....

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