Wednesday, December 28, 2011

China Cuts Rare Earth Exports

Hola Amigos :) Its been long that I touched my pen :) but I do whatever stimulates my brain.. Here is this..

First of all what is Rare Earth ? \
Series comprises the fifteen metallic chemical elements with atomic numbers 57 through 71, from lanthanum through lutetium. they are called lanthanide + 2 other scandium and yttrium.

These elements are very important in current manufacturing world due to their various properties..  in early 1950-70 India & South Africa were largest exporter or producer of these Rare Earth .. then USA and Australia also dominated for couple of decades.. 

China put everyone way behind in Rare Earth exports and it has 97% Share of total Rare Earth exports. These products are very important for sustainable growth.  Before couple of years ago China has declared that it will decrease export of Rare Earth because of limited resources available ...

 Foreign countries had warned China  not to do this.. but China has decreased exports of Rare Earth .. Price of Rare Earth in China is decreased despite of all efforts by  Chinese Government.. & On the other hand because of tamed Export... Prices of Rare Earth has increased a lot in other countries like USA, Australia & in Europe.. this will lead to illegal exports from China to other countries.. So government is also working on stooping of this..

Prices in China for rare earth is fallen around 45% in a year.. on the other hand prices are 3 times more from current Chinese Level.. Rare Earth Prices are not exchange traded like Gold & Silver ..It is sold in private market so it is not easy to monitor it..

Demand of Rare Earth has increased a lot after Chinese action to curb export, Countries like Canada,  India, USa, Russia have started to develop rare earth mines and some of them will start functioning from 2015.

Prices in China have fallen sharply since August, declining by 45 percent for neodymium oxide, by 33 percent for terbium oxide and by 31 percent for lanthanum oxide, according to Lynas Corp., an Australian rare earths producer.
Its figures showed an equally striking gap between prices in China and abroad, with lanthanum oxide costing triple the Chinese level on global markets, neodymium more than twice as much and terbium oxide near twice as much.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Lets Nurture UK

Lets Nurture Company is registered in UK now, So I am now CEO & Director or whatsoever citation I can use.. on the ground my duties, liabilities are the same.

Still I am living in random world and in true measure I have not yet set any goal for achievement in terms of business or finance and I believe neither I will.
Yes I am checking all options where Lets Nurture become conglomerate instead of remain in IT or Outsourcing. Service industry is very good for me because I like to be servant by nature :) that true.
2011 year is suppose to be a year of change and year of sunshine for letsnurture. Need to gather more energy on writing up some business plan and setting up finance for it. There are some exciting ideas are in mind ( surely not money oriented some of them are only for service) so , have to figure out how it is feasible enough in short future.
So , thats all for this post.. Last 1 month was full of good news, Indian won, Lets Nurture registered, Birth day party of one good friend, moved to new location and after a long delay many web sites are redesigned now. :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Good Things about Uk and London

I am not big fan of western countries but I liked few things here and I can not resist myself to put this in my blog.

Solid Infrastructure

Train & Bus network is super fantastic, If India start planning this kind of infrastructure lot of problem will get solve automatically.

Town Planning is so wonderful that you will have a city center and shopping center and you will never feel far from good shopping malls.

Another one thing I liked is footpath are wider than Roads for vehicle. In UK , People are fond of walking and jogging, Also respectfully uses public transport. Having a Vehicle is not like showoff thing and not having a vehicle is not like that you are poor. Walking on footpath has nothing to deal with your class , intelligence and ability.

Currently I am feeling sleepy and I think I should call it a day now.. will write some more stuff later on

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

some good business Idea for Indian living in UK

Its 6 month today in UK , I have been through many cities during this time Glasgow, Edinburgh, Preston, Bradford, Manchester, Wembley, Southhall , Slough , Reading, Oxford and other.

Indian are always confused in doing business specially with limited budget and lack of risk apatite.

Food & Tiffin Service Near Wembley, Southall, Acton , Harrow would be the best life booster for new person who wants to start earning a good money. Indians are fond of food. And having a good Indian Food is very difficult. No matter what restaurants are offering in Indian Food but we all know that real Indian food is home made food. If you can provide cheap tiffin service in these area you will certainly get a big bang. I have come across lot of people who are in need of good food.

Fast Food
If you can buy small Stall on rent and start fast food there is no change of loosing the game. But Fast food should not be like Vada pau and Dabeli and Pani puri, There are enough people are selling these. And they are selling it on high cost too. Its good to offer 1 chapati and 1 bowl Dal or Plate of Rice with curry at very affordable cost. Or you can sell Masala Khichdi with Butter milk, Paratha with Curd, Batata Poha .. If you can keep all these items under 1 Quid , you will surely become talk of the town.

Import Export
It is very common that import export is always a good do in abroad, There are plenty of things you can import from India and sell here at good margin, Cloths, Groceries, Gift Articles and Ayurvadic Medicines. These are very popular here.

For Export , Same Lot of cloths you can export to India, Lot of Waste Papers, Plastic bags and Broken Glasses can be exported. India has a potential to recycle these and reuse it. And this export business can be your fortune maker.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

How to Buy a Cheap Domain Name & Web Hosting Services

If you are in the online business industry you may wonder about this thing for sure. As of being in IT from last 5 years, this was my questions many time that how to buy cheap domain name or how to get cheap web hosting services.

I am not writing this to promote any web hosting services or promote any cheap domain selling company so you can read further ;)

I found one good trick to get a better prices on web hosting services and cheap domains. I found it by just getting in touch with various web hosting services and domain name providers.

Here is a tip for getting cheap web hosting or cheap web domain name

  • First Discover top 5 web hosting service provider within your budget Limit
  • visit websites for all these web hosting provider and check packages.
  • Finally you will come to know which are good for your requirement.
  • Now do not buy any web hosting or domain in hurry.
  • Do one thing Register your self in all these provider fill details, Search your domains.
  • Not necessary but try to chat with sales executives.
  • Once you come at the payment Page just withdraw your request and close the page.
  • Now you wonder why ?
:) once you are gone this far , hosting company is aware that you are looking for cheap web hosting or domain name service.
Now see the magic , with in few days... This is really true and happened to me frequently. And now I always do this.. With in a week you will get many calls and mails regarding 20-40% discount in package on the package you were interested or on your domain.

:) Selling a domain and web hosting is like a race and consumer can be a real winner.

This is tried and tested method , I always get web hosting on my price by this steps.

Domain registration has very low margin so you will be able to get discount around 10-20% only. And in Web hosting sometime you can even get 50% discount even after use of Promo Code