Wednesday, February 23, 2011

some good business Idea for Indian living in UK

Its 6 month today in UK , I have been through many cities during this time Glasgow, Edinburgh, Preston, Bradford, Manchester, Wembley, Southhall , Slough , Reading, Oxford and other.

Indian are always confused in doing business specially with limited budget and lack of risk apatite.

Food & Tiffin Service Near Wembley, Southall, Acton , Harrow would be the best life booster for new person who wants to start earning a good money. Indians are fond of food. And having a good Indian Food is very difficult. No matter what restaurants are offering in Indian Food but we all know that real Indian food is home made food. If you can provide cheap tiffin service in these area you will certainly get a big bang. I have come across lot of people who are in need of good food.

Fast Food
If you can buy small Stall on rent and start fast food there is no change of loosing the game. But Fast food should not be like Vada pau and Dabeli and Pani puri, There are enough people are selling these. And they are selling it on high cost too. Its good to offer 1 chapati and 1 bowl Dal or Plate of Rice with curry at very affordable cost. Or you can sell Masala Khichdi with Butter milk, Paratha with Curd, Batata Poha .. If you can keep all these items under 1 Quid , you will surely become talk of the town.

Import Export
It is very common that import export is always a good do in abroad, There are plenty of things you can import from India and sell here at good margin, Cloths, Groceries, Gift Articles and Ayurvadic Medicines. These are very popular here.

For Export , Same Lot of cloths you can export to India, Lot of Waste Papers, Plastic bags and Broken Glasses can be exported. India has a potential to recycle these and reuse it. And this export business can be your fortune maker.

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