Saturday, January 8, 2011

How to Buy a Cheap Domain Name & Web Hosting Services

If you are in the online business industry you may wonder about this thing for sure. As of being in IT from last 5 years, this was my questions many time that how to buy cheap domain name or how to get cheap web hosting services.

I am not writing this to promote any web hosting services or promote any cheap domain selling company so you can read further ;)

I found one good trick to get a better prices on web hosting services and cheap domains. I found it by just getting in touch with various web hosting services and domain name providers.

Here is a tip for getting cheap web hosting or cheap web domain name

  • First Discover top 5 web hosting service provider within your budget Limit
  • visit websites for all these web hosting provider and check packages.
  • Finally you will come to know which are good for your requirement.
  • Now do not buy any web hosting or domain in hurry.
  • Do one thing Register your self in all these provider fill details, Search your domains.
  • Not necessary but try to chat with sales executives.
  • Once you come at the payment Page just withdraw your request and close the page.
  • Now you wonder why ?
:) once you are gone this far , hosting company is aware that you are looking for cheap web hosting or domain name service.
Now see the magic , with in few days... This is really true and happened to me frequently. And now I always do this.. With in a week you will get many calls and mails regarding 20-40% discount in package on the package you were interested or on your domain.

:) Selling a domain and web hosting is like a race and consumer can be a real winner.

This is tried and tested method , I always get web hosting on my price by this steps.

Domain registration has very low margin so you will be able to get discount around 10-20% only. And in Web hosting sometime you can even get 50% discount even after use of Promo Code

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