Monday, October 18, 2010

Learn from my experience of moving to new office in Ahmedabad

I am here going to write some important things you to take care while upgrading or updating your office or moving your office or shifting your office in another location .

I just had shifted my “LetsNurture” office near to drive-in road from Ghatlodia. As company is growing it was very much required to shift to new location. But during this whole pragmatic matter I have been burst mentally.

When you are moving to office

  • Start looking at office before 3 months of your actually relocation date. And if it is urgent give full concentration on selecting right location.
  • Take your enough time to see different locations and narrow suitable location. Do not select office without seeing at least 15-20 offices in different area.
  • Compare rents in all different area and decide depending upon different factors.
  • Check parking facility is available or not.
  • Check internet availability
  • Inquire about electricity problems. there are many buildings where electricity problem is common problem. So make sure you are not being trapped in those kind of building.
  • If you are selecting office with furniture then check each furniture when you view property .Do not forget to check termite problem it is common in furnished offices. ( I missed to look office furniture closely and it cost me a lot in terms of satisfaction) . Check all drawer, tables because if your intention is to save money on furniture and if you do not check furniture well you will have to spend time and money both in remodelling and renovating furniture.
  • Moisture is also another thing that you should look before selecting office. Make 2-3 visits before selecting property and check moisture in wall. Moisture can cause lot of problems.
  • Makesure lift is working properly , inquire about it with 2-3 different people of the same building.

Now if you have selected office after checking all above things

  • Get your internet connection and networking done before 2 days and test all network before you getting in to office
  • Make sure every small furniture work is done before you move into office
  • If you want to change lighting direction or anything related to electricity please finish before you move into office
  • Have one mock up round in office with other office workers to have suggestion for comfort. And before actual move finish all changes.
  • Must have your company board and address at the office before you move into office.

Actually I have missed lot of things from above list and I had faced lot of problems in shifting my office. And I know how difficult it is for start-up company to move office with limited budget and tiny timings for relocation.

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