Sunday, November 11, 2012

Do you really know who is behind your success ?

Its been 4 years I am in business ... trying to establish lot of things, good time bad time ...right time...wrong time.....

I have observed one god damn truth and that is people who are acting behind your success are often ignored and these are the people who will standby with you in all your bad time...

This post I'd like to dedicate to my dad..

I just came back from office,yesterday was very late... In morning I told,we should have gift,wrap done in all these diwali gifts for letsnurture's employee.. was worried about work ( usually its my routine to worry ) guess what.. in evening it was done ... he did it :)

I have great relationship with my dad.. No matter how much ideological difference we have but we love each other so much ...
Thanks to dad ...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy Diwali From Our Android Application

Diwali Dhamal Developer:- @letsnurture Company URL:- Application URL:-

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Saturday hosting first event at letsnurture

Life is always about first time....I am stepping in for the first time for social activities..
It is always difficult to justify ourself ...lets see how this thing goes..
We are gling to donate stationaries to  600 under privilleaged students.
visited a municipal school today and  found a whole different world there ..
My life as a student was so superb i enjoyed a joyride of being notorious student during school..
Life in college extended the same version of ketan ..
Life as an engineer went superfast 400% increment on salary in just 16 months..
Life took serisous turn started own venture spoiled almost relationship for just one vision..
Now after having web designing firm having plenty of linkedin recomendation for digital marketing .. I still feel amature.. Still learning new things ..still trying things first time.
We are going to host an event for municipal school ... i am nervous just  like my first kiss,my first sex ,my first accident,my first failure,my first project, my first day at school .. you can get everything how did it went here... after few days.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Now this is a post from android phone galaxy note

Another silly attempt by this blog alive.. these so many dots are because of unconvincing switch from iphone to android... But i think the way google is pushing content network on android we will see a tremendous growth :)
Enjoy life.... Have you checked our navratri app for android phone ? We have crossed 5000 downloads :) amazing right? Checkout navratri dhamal on google our app will be on first page :)
And our other apps here ..  Lets Nurture Android Store

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Go Roger Go push to the limit man

French Open is going on at Rolland Garros ..
My favourite player Roger Federer is at the end of his career .. I do not think he will be able to enjoy tennis next year ..

This man has taken tennis to the next level. Previously when Sampras was playing Tennis champion were not perfect .. It was feeling like 90% perfect tennis ..

Federer brought the entire new class in
Tennis .. Match after Match .. He was playing breath taking shots ( not just for audience , but for even tennis experts) .. He pushed to the limits...
Changing direction of ball at the very last ( very last means at the time when ball touches racket) unexpected line shots ..
He played unbelievable non risky tennis for decade :)

This legend has not been seriously injured ever & if we look at his tennis game .. It is more thn perfection ..

Ability to stop pushing himself at right time is extra ordinary ( Nadal fails here )

Never been involved in negative play , least complaining person in Tennis ..

I want to see Roger playing again and again everyday as long as I am alive ..

I wish he win at least one grand slam from now .. That would be one of the precious sporting moment for me..

Go Roger Go .. I will have  RF cap on my head whole day on the day when he retires ......

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Trying to keep this blog alive

It's great about having mobile app for everything .. You feel like you have little world on these smart little device ..:)
I am pretty sure I may not have tried to keep this blog alive if I did not have this phone :)

In am attempt to keep alive this post .. There is nothing special to write about apart from usual updates..

Letsnurture & me both are looking for some good partners & team to nurture everything around .. My thoughts on spending more time on discovering new things are still on..

Work is going fine ( normally I do not complain much about work stress it is a part of life & it ll stay forever)

Watching IPL is something that I am doing daily .. Waiting for French open & see federer in action ..

While I was writing last some words my pending tasks started to appear on my brain screen .. :) which kind a suck ..

Need to sort out few things tomorrow ..

Sunday, March 25, 2012

No there is no Visa On arrival for Indian Passport holder in Doha, Qatar

Lol,  Why I am writing this ? because of my own laziness I have suffered 19hrs layover .
I had booked ticket from Ahmedabad to Manchester from Qatar Airways & there was 19hrs layover on Sunday at Doha.I was traveling to UK to  sign some  Seo Packages from my customers and some Web Design Contracts.
One of my friend told me they will give visa on arrival , actually that was the reason I took 19hrs layover was Sunday so I though I will get transist visa & will move around Doha.

I previously experienced a great services from Emirates Airways for transist visa. It has been great Dubai experience for me last year so I thought this will be same J. After Arriving at Doha I came to know that Indian Passport holder can not get visa on arrival lol , there was nothing to do than passing time on Airport L

What I did on Airport?

  • Facebooking
  • watching Videos
  • Twitting
  • India Vs Pakistan Match was going on so watched that for a while
  • Read books and learned some spanish
  • Talked couple of girls from Morocco , they had missed their flight ,  I forgot the name of her but one of them was in Marketing executive of Air Morocco. So I engaged with some business communication with her .  Personally I believe she was also bored and wanted to talk with someone .. we talked about culture , Islam , India, Morrocco, France, England J ..

Best thing about Doha Airport is you have free Wifi , may be that’s the only good thing J

So: if you are an Indian passport holder , than there is no visa on Arival at Doha , Qatar.

Friday, January 20, 2012

My Top 5 Prediction on Technology and Sociology for Year 2012

1)      Fragmentation of life more and more
This is something I already have predicted way behind fragmentation of life, fragmentation of behavior.  In simple word  human being will not live straight forward life even if he/she wants to. Life will force people to login in facebook, twitter, rss feed, read blogs, read comments, emails, check in, papers, graphs, infogprahics, presentation, charts this is going to be routine for everyone  at one end this decision making things will get saturated or stable. 

2)      Decision Making Application
There will be huge surge on decision making applications, like compare engines, compare results,  ratings, reviews , feedbacks. Most of companies will strive towards this subject....

3)      Ecommerce growth in Africa & Asia

2012 will tell whole world that Africa and Asia are left behind and they are more lucrative markets in eCommerce then USA & Europe. Especially Asia has a very less penetration of E-commerce and my prediction is that it will unleash this year.

4)      Social TV & Social Digital Camera

Traditional TV will be replace by Social & internet Enabled TVs , And social sharing on TV + real interactive TV like communicating with another viewers or interacting with live panel by seating at home will become feasible.

Digital Camera my prediction on this is that Wi-Fi enabled digital camera will come in market. With built-in internet connectivity or picture sharing facility. Hollywood at your TV at very nominal price which will curb piracy issues a bit too.

5)      Local is better.. People will realize soon
Global Business will become more local; business vendors will try to get business from local then more from Global.  & Digital Marketing will be part of marketing agenda in all over the world. Even for small or medium size enterprise will look into it.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA blackout

Stop online privacy Act ... Has created buzz over d world now ...

Wikipedia has announced blackout whole day means .. Wiki sites will not be accessible throughout day..

Along with wikipedia ... Reddit, joomla, drupal, wordpress, flickr & many more communities had joined protest against this act..

SOPA is poorly crafted act & if it comes in act many companies will have to close down.....

I am writing this post while having oil massage on hair .. I love my mother ;)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Benefit of iPhone app of blogger

Just because I have mobile app this is my another straight second day post .. Not very often I do :)

But now I will ..
Had a good day .. Attended seminar of Gillian president of seomoz.
She came very late.. Explained her presentation .. Answer some stereotype questions :)

But it was good :) at least we got out to see what people are thinking & doing...

Socialising hard to do for me specially with business networkers .. They are egoistic + pretty good liars ..

Some good people will be there too.. Will engage more to know about them .. Till then adios ;)

Happy blogging.. Seomoz has some good stuff as well people who are in seo business should at least have a look :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blogger from iPhone first look

This is my first post frm iPhone .. Sitting in my bean bag chair ;) watching harry potter with parents & trying this application.

On first look This can be a good app for travelog.. :)

Like today was kite flying festival .. I can share some pic from phone like this..

There is location mapping as well .. At this moment it is not working well
Anyway this is not a good app for bloggers who are blogging to earn money ..

Friday, January 6, 2012

As an Ancient History Toast was invented as a safety measure

This is another good fact that I came to know via Twitter..

As we know in Ancient time , building empires was among the most important thing. thus politics and murders were part of life... Poison was best murder weapon at that time..

So, Toast was invented to reassure that drinks are not with poison. In this gesture guest and host was toasting glass of wine and during this liquid or wine will spit in each others cup .. & this ensures that there is not any poison in given drink.  because if there was any poison person would become reluctant to toast as during toast poison will come in its cup also..

I really liked this one :)