Wednesday, February 25, 2009

26 Feb- 3 months after Mumbai Attack

3 months passed from Mumbai attack..

Kasab is no longer a head line of news paper or news channels.

Defence minister is now in back site and finance minister is in the lead to play role in political economy.

New packages, tax cuts are being announced daily due to forthcoming election.
Common people are afraid of financial terrorism faced because of ugly money manipulators.

And Indians now forget what happened at 26-11.....

I think people should never forget this incident it’s a huge attack on our politically driven,selfish system.

We want to secure future of our children, parents but don't want to be bother about the country who will give security to our country :)

I just watched one movie Delhi 6 in last week, Movie has a good message "We all have blank monkey in their soul, we must have to burn this black monkey from our inner with in".

..... Please don't forget 26/11 incident and keep your brain ignited for our nation.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bathroom Experience though provoking

Usually when I enter in to bathroom to take a shower and start a tap.As Waters pour in to bucket, same time lots of thoughts start titillating my mind.I am used to spend lot of time in bathroom.

I would like to share one incident that kept me thinking till I finished up with my shower.
After my thinking session at bathroom I just took a tub to start my bathing session,And I saw the tub which I took to clean my body was little dirty.I surprised with an anger how many days I have used this tub for bathing? and I stopped and start thinking one more serious issue.

We used to interpret our logic and take decision on the basis of the fact that we are gathering but what if our Tub is muddy,Will we ever able to take right decision?

News Paper we read, New we saw,Movies which use to enjoy,subject that we studied.We all know everything is bias in current situation.

After this thought I have decide not to take decision on the basis of one magazine or a news paper or TV news.We must have to raise an eyebrow on each every dubious situation.

Until we don't have clean Tub ,I don't think we can get cleaned.

Yes During bachelors I have never even seen what the tub is look a like.Have used more then 100 different tubs ( I was living in a hostel and My Bucket and tub was stolen in my first year after that I had never had a tub or bucket of my own :) ).
But after the 3 years of Bachelors , now life is really getting in shape.
Sense of responsibiity is growing inner within .....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

how change default search engine in firefox

If you are tired of getting solution of the question how to change default search engine in Firefox ?

Or have you been victim of spy ware of other sites who has changed your default search engine setting in Firefox ?I faced the same situation so, I would like to help you get rid of this.

1) Go To Location Bar -- about:config and press enter key
You will either have one alert box or will go direct to all configuration settings of Firefox.

-For alert box click on I Promise


Now in all results filter your results by searching "keyword.URL." you will have one one result like pair of Key /Value. change its value to url of default search
engines and you are through :)
Now get relax and enjoy your search easily.