Wednesday, February 25, 2009

26 Feb- 3 months after Mumbai Attack

3 months passed from Mumbai attack..

Kasab is no longer a head line of news paper or news channels.

Defence minister is now in back site and finance minister is in the lead to play role in political economy.

New packages, tax cuts are being announced daily due to forthcoming election.
Common people are afraid of financial terrorism faced because of ugly money manipulators.

And Indians now forget what happened at 26-11.....

I think people should never forget this incident it’s a huge attack on our politically driven,selfish system.

We want to secure future of our children, parents but don't want to be bother about the country who will give security to our country :)

I just watched one movie Delhi 6 in last week, Movie has a good message "We all have blank monkey in their soul, we must have to burn this black monkey from our inner with in".

..... Please don't forget 26/11 incident and keep your brain ignited for our nation.

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