Friday, June 5, 2009

Lets nurture

This is the name what I used to murmur from last few years, Actually I am still in doubt will this name will work?
Or I should find better name? But so far it is well accepted . We would really like to have comment on it from you all who ever read this blog ..

For many reason it is not well accepted in local market because most of the people does not know the meaning of lets nurture.

Whenever I tell them that its "lets nurture" , they tell Ketan ?, what is this name is all about ?
:) And many time I find my self in difficult situation .Because I don't know how to explain :) ( May be my fault).

when you read this post .. you may wonder why ketan has written this post "lets nurture" ?:)

I know only 2 person have answer of it. Ketan and Hitendra parmar.

Its all about us ;) Ketan , hitendra and letsnurture ;)

1 comment:

Sujay Kher said...

Well Ketan, I also know :). Some day whole world will know about this word.