Saturday, June 2, 2012

Go Roger Go push to the limit man

French Open is going on at Rolland Garros ..
My favourite player Roger Federer is at the end of his career .. I do not think he will be able to enjoy tennis next year ..

This man has taken tennis to the next level. Previously when Sampras was playing Tennis champion were not perfect .. It was feeling like 90% perfect tennis ..

Federer brought the entire new class in
Tennis .. Match after Match .. He was playing breath taking shots ( not just for audience , but for even tennis experts) .. He pushed to the limits...
Changing direction of ball at the very last ( very last means at the time when ball touches racket) unexpected line shots ..
He played unbelievable non risky tennis for decade :)

This legend has not been seriously injured ever & if we look at his tennis game .. It is more thn perfection ..

Ability to stop pushing himself at right time is extra ordinary ( Nadal fails here )

Never been involved in negative play , least complaining person in Tennis ..

I want to see Roger playing again and again everyday as long as I am alive ..

I wish he win at least one grand slam from now .. That would be one of the precious sporting moment for me..

Go Roger Go .. I will have  RF cap on my head whole day on the day when he retires ......

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