Friday, March 4, 2011

Good Things about Uk and London

I am not big fan of western countries but I liked few things here and I can not resist myself to put this in my blog.

Solid Infrastructure

Train & Bus network is super fantastic, If India start planning this kind of infrastructure lot of problem will get solve automatically.

Town Planning is so wonderful that you will have a city center and shopping center and you will never feel far from good shopping malls.

Another one thing I liked is footpath are wider than Roads for vehicle. In UK , People are fond of walking and jogging, Also respectfully uses public transport. Having a Vehicle is not like showoff thing and not having a vehicle is not like that you are poor. Walking on footpath has nothing to deal with your class , intelligence and ability.

Currently I am feeling sleepy and I think I should call it a day now.. will write some more stuff later on

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