Wednesday, December 28, 2011

China Cuts Rare Earth Exports

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First of all what is Rare Earth ? \
Series comprises the fifteen metallic chemical elements with atomic numbers 57 through 71, from lanthanum through lutetium. they are called lanthanide + 2 other scandium and yttrium.

These elements are very important in current manufacturing world due to their various properties..  in early 1950-70 India & South Africa were largest exporter or producer of these Rare Earth .. then USA and Australia also dominated for couple of decades.. 

China put everyone way behind in Rare Earth exports and it has 97% Share of total Rare Earth exports. These products are very important for sustainable growth.  Before couple of years ago China has declared that it will decrease export of Rare Earth because of limited resources available ...

 Foreign countries had warned China  not to do this.. but China has decreased exports of Rare Earth .. Price of Rare Earth in China is decreased despite of all efforts by  Chinese Government.. & On the other hand because of tamed Export... Prices of Rare Earth has increased a lot in other countries like USA, Australia & in Europe.. this will lead to illegal exports from China to other countries.. So government is also working on stooping of this..

Prices in China for rare earth is fallen around 45% in a year.. on the other hand prices are 3 times more from current Chinese Level.. Rare Earth Prices are not exchange traded like Gold & Silver ..It is sold in private market so it is not easy to monitor it..

Demand of Rare Earth has increased a lot after Chinese action to curb export, Countries like Canada,  India, USa, Russia have started to develop rare earth mines and some of them will start functioning from 2015.

Prices in China have fallen sharply since August, declining by 45 percent for neodymium oxide, by 33 percent for terbium oxide and by 31 percent for lanthanum oxide, according to Lynas Corp., an Australian rare earths producer.
Its figures showed an equally striking gap between prices in China and abroad, with lanthanum oxide costing triple the Chinese level on global markets, neodymium more than twice as much and terbium oxide near twice as much.

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