Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dial For Health -Good Service in Ahemedabad

Dial For Health is medical store which provides good services..

I am not promoting their services here but I always believe good deeds must be appreciated.
It is a ethical duty of entrepreneurs :).

You may have used free home delivery services of pizzas or food or other things .
In Ahmedabad people are used to order for free home delivery in foods,juices,furnitures ,consumer durables etc.

But Have you used free home delivery services for Medicines in ahmedabad?,
We all know getting a medicine at a right time is far more important task then eating food or shopping.
Before few days ago me and my wife were passing in are where we live.I stop my bike at one shop as janki wanted to have medicines.Shop was "Dial for health"

While returning she showed me card for "Dial For Health ", and informed me that they provide free home delivery for medicines , also hold health check up camps and provides discount in medicines.

So,Its a good start for value added services in Medical domain.

Lets talk about one more good issue...
I have many friends and relatives from Medical professions ,I know that Profit margins in medicals are too huge they earn more then 200% profits in some tablets.
But As they know person who come to buy medicines is not that much worried about discounts ,so they never bother to give discounts or reduce the profit margin.

I have appeal to all People who are enganged with the medical profession.
Global economy is melting down.It is just because of Imbalance in distribution of money/Income.
So,Please help poor people.In this age where Breads are getting costlier every day and cars getting cheaper every day,we need to help people who are below poverty line,there is no almighty in our country to help them.
As a human being we have to take this responsibility.

Hope after reading this article someone will announce special discounts to middle class or below middle class families.

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