Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What is procrastination?

Do you often think that your to do list never get finish?You always been busy with pending tasks?
Are you adding same task again & again because they remained unfinished from last many days?

That means deferment of actions or tasks to a later time which increase your anxiety,This is by all means Procrastination. It is now common in highly competitive world where you daily faces cut throat competition.

People who suffers from procrastination, work same amount of time as common people do but as they are not capable of putting right thing in right basket they usually busy with undeserving tasks.

They do not have any priority table or do not understand work break up structure perfectly. Usually they are not able to interpret meaning of Urgent Task and Important tasks.

There are more then on reason for procrastination such as chunking, inability to organize things, forgetfulness.

Procrastination has many drawbacks it indulge feeling of guild, self-disgust & depression.

So, it requires to be cured promptly as it is identified.

I hope this will help you to identify what is Procrastination; I will help you to get rid of it in my next article.

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