Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Book Updates

Hi folks...

I want to tell you about few books which I am reading now days.

I am reading " The Saint, The Surfer, and the CEO".
Author of this book is Robin Sharma.One of the most favored leadership guru currently.

It is again fantastic book written by robin.
After his greatness guide and the monk who sold his ferrari... this book is also about how to live life. It inspires in many ways.
Robin has articulate the story very phenomenally.
Once you get in to few pages you wont be able to put out book without finishing.Story line holds the readers nerve thoroughly.Specially who loves to read robin sharma or inspirational books.

Another book I am reading is about pros and cons of investment by warren buffet way..
actually I forgot the author name (which i usually dont but now days not getting enough time to read books ).

Books is for how to make smart investment and when to switch you investment in different sector according to market breath.
Book tells very fundamental basics.Very effective methodology for investment.Really a worth reading for making sound Investment Portfolio.

3rd one I am reading is Word Power Made Easy :)
Its not for making you chronic in vocabulary only.....

It is needless to say that this book nurture your knowledge.

How to pronounce words , Origin of the words these all are written so decently that you will never realize that you are reading this book for vocabulary building.
Norman Lewis has created a book at par excellence.
It is a etymological epic :)

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Anonymous said...

hi ketan,
i have also read that book its amazing thought shared by robin,suggest me other books related it