Monday, September 8, 2008

Mobile Radiation can cause many problems

People have seen the exorbitant growth in communication .Mobiles,pdas are becoming a part of life even in rural area. This horrendous growth in mobile communication has certainly make authorities in worries. We all are aware of that radiation from mobile can cause a large number of disease. Possibility of tumor is double for avid mobile users.

There are many other dangerous problem can occur too such as cancer, degeneration, deafness, sleeplessness,irritability.

Usually radiations are not that much strong enough to break chemical bonds in body. but heavy use may elicit the risk of brain cancer. Heavy and long term mobile usage may damage tissues in the inner ear and can lead to deafness. Excessive use of mobiles may also activate brain’s stress system. Most common problem is it causes concentration problem and a sleeplessness problem in avid mobile user. They are usually not it is also proved that the usage of mobile can effect male fertility.

Although it now many mobile companies are also taking care of this harmful radiations.And trying to mitigate the problem. They are launching mobiles with low radiation capability.In India Tata Telecommunication is claiming that their mobiles are not too harmful.Even if their mobile phones do not cause disturbance with any other radio devices nearby. Like if your cell phones is near to computer speaker or monitor or any radioactive device, Tata telecommunication cdma phone will not cause any distortion or disturbance. This kind of initiative is really good for Society.


Anonymous said...

hi ketan,
you have written a serious topic which people are ignoring. write more like this warnings on which we never pay attention.

Neha said...

Hi Ketan,
I am highly impressed with the taopic which you have taken. Its really too good.