Friday, September 19, 2008

Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization- SEO refers to improve your site popularity and ranking in search engines.Someone search for particular word or phrase( which called keywords in technical term),and your website comes in first page of search engine will make your site more populer and will help you to grow in your business.Ranking and position on first page is depended upon your site content, number of relevant and good site linking back to your site.Offshore web development can help you to achieve this.

Keywords:-words or phrase you use to search something on search engine is referred as keywords.

Link Building :- You can drive traffic by placing your link to other should place your link in popular sites. you can contact any
Seo service provider to start link building campaign for your site.

Direcotory and Search Engine submission:-
is one other of online marketing.Submiting your site’s link on a relevant Directory or Search Engine .
There are so many directories are available to do must choose directories which has page rank high.

Article and Blog Submissions:-
Posting Articles and blogs are best white hate technique in web promotion,Offering reader a fresh and relevent content will drive you a more relevant and interested traffic to your website.which will eventually help you.Article submission and Web Promotion can be handed over to a good firm which can perform these kind of task to you with a very effective way.

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hi ketan
its a intresting one i am more intrested in link building plz add more information abt link building and SEO also.