Sunday, September 7, 2008

What is Hard Refresh?

If you are visiting any web site frequently so than your browser will store the few elements of web page in browser cache so on next request of same page browser will fetch those elements from cache instead from server. This will speed up your browsing effectively. Element mostly contains photographs,style sheets,pages which you have already visited. but sometimes for such reasons the website is changed then you may not able to view the change because you are actually viewing cached page. You can solve this problem by removing cache data or using hard refresh. Hard Refresh will skip checking data from cache and it will fetch data directly from browser.

Normally we are using “Refresh” Button or press F5 button to Refresh the website. For Hard Refresh way is held down while clicking on refresh button or pressing F5.Alternatively you can hold ShiftKey,ControlKey And R. It will skip checking cache and will download page from direct server.

Hard refresh is very useful to clear forms, It ensure that you are viewing the latest updated web page. If you are viewing a web page that looks odd or if you find glitches on web page then hard refresh may be necessary. Web site which are constantly updating such as news website, article directory, Hard refresh is required.

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