Friday, September 5, 2008

What is Entrepreneurs skills?

Today I would like to share what is entrepreneurs skills?
and India's one of the top entrepreneurs who has influenced a tons of young to people to chase the dream.

First of all few characteristic of entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur like to Faces the new challenges in the life,
Has a good vision in life,
Has ability to do some thing New,
Identify opportunities and take risks in order to realize them,
Know what to do and when to do.

Karsanbhai Patel is born at mehsana in Gujarat. After completing B.Sc. in Chemistry he worked as a lab assistant in the New cotton Mills at ahmedabad later on he joined the Geology and mining department of the Government of Gujarat.

After words he begun to make the detergent at home and sells it door to door . He name his venture as Nirma from his daughter name Nirupama.
Initially he sold Nirma detergent at lowest cost only Rs3 per kg .the next cheapest available price in the market was Rs.13.
Quality and Quantity are two main factors which made Nirma successful in the market.
Than he started to making soaps like Nirma bath and Nirma beauty soap, and Super Nirma detergent. Gradually nirma became the brand.Nirma made the permanent place in every bathroom of India.And rhyme of its advertise became the most popular jingle for many years. Nirma covers the 30% market for the premium detergent segment and 20% for the soaps market.

In 1995 he started his “Nirma Institute of Technology” an engineering college in Ahmedabad this is the smartest decision taken by Mr Karshan bhai.
Now he dont require to for talent hunt . he developed and nurture young India.
Nirma Institute (Ahmedabad,Gujrat) is the top ranked institute in Gujarat,which provides near to 100% placement to its student.

Later on Ambani's have also followed the same thing and opened up an institutes. Bharti group also now entering in to same educational domain.
So,Mr.Karshan bhai has given a good vision to nation,industry & of course he is living legend in Gujrat.

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