Monday, November 3, 2008

One more Good Incident

Today ,at night when we went to drop a cheque in drop box of nearer ATM.
We found that there were no security guard there.And in this winter A.C. was chilling the ATM room.
Every Indian knows that world is in recession mode.We must have to do cost cutting and save energy every where it can be.
I don't know exact number but I am sure in India there would be more then 500000 ATM.
If we don use A.C.(Air Conditioner) in these ATM or we just minimize the use of AC only in ATM.
I am sure eneregy saved by these ATMs will fullfil demand of atleast whole 1 village.
I am not sure about this equation but Amount of energy saved will surely high.
We should not forget that Great Power comes with great responsibilities.
Educated Peole, Literate People have more responsibilities then iliterate people.
So,lets start to nurture our nation.


ritesh said...

Nice thought. There are many incidents like these which makes us raising our eyebrows. There are people who really don't care, and thus they walk away happily. And there are others who actually cares and asks questions, like you. The dilemma is how we can overcome these kind of problems. This is just a case of common sense.

Anonymous said...

Yes, your equation to the electricity consume by all the ATMs across the country verses electricity consume by one village might be true.

As a Indian human being, we don't care what we have and we always pursue what we don't have..


visionary...discovery... said...

I believe that I can help this country by just deleting unused mails.

Recently report have been published that I.T. Industry will become biggest power consuming Industry .

So,If we delete all our unnecessory mails regularly we can get save lots of energy.