Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bio Piracy in India

I read one article in India Today which was on Bio Piracy.

From Last 13 year 25 cases has been filled again Inseact Poaching.
India is among the 12 megadiverse countries as it has significant chunk of the earth species.It has 45,000 plan species and near about 89000 animal species as per article in India Today.
This Bio Diversity attracts many Bio Pirates's eyes.As per wild life protection society of india business of wildlife products is about $10 billion.A single palm-sized specimen of the poisonous Indian tarantula, found only in the Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh, can fetch more than $1,000 (Rs 47,000) in the international market.
There are many other insects like Blue tarantula, Sometime small children are found in forest area selling insects only for 100rs/- for their breadearning.
Tribal youths holding plastic bags and ventilated clear plastic jars.They sell spiders to foreign toursits which can earn them 500 to 5000 Rs/-.Its a good amount for 8 leg creature they sell.
Smugllers or Bio-Pirates come as a foreign touristor or wild life researchers and gather these prospersous insects and sell them in to International Market.So, coping with bio-pirates are not as easy as we can assume.
Society is not still aware yet.We must value the blessing of bio-diversity.
The Wildlife Act and the National Biodiversity Act is not still strict enough to cop with bio pirates or smugllers.

People can get bail in merely a 20000 Rs/- fine.

I would like to request you to come ahead and when ever you found any foriegners or localite showing more interest in buying these Insects, contact Forest officers or any other authorities.


vbr murthy said...

I appreciate your concern and the fact is that first case on Biopiracy was prosecution of dr Petersavcha of check republic By Darjeeling court.
as regards to Biopiracy in Araku ofviskapatnam dr Clark mark baumgarten the charge sheet is filed in Araku court and Suptd of police Vsp has issued circular to all S.I.s to track the foreigners in their jurisdiction.
similarly can you give details about GOOTY Saphire tarantula Biopirator, further action an be initiated.Looking forward for interaction.
Dr V.B.Ramanamurthy,I.F.S.,
Member secretary,A.P.Biodiversity board,Hyderabad 9440810602.

ketan raval said...

HI sir,

I will mail you all information that I have...
Give me few days to collect it.

thanks and I am really pleased that department is really working on this issue.

thanks again..