Thursday, December 4, 2008

Again Shame for Indian Media

I am just writing this post for expressing my pain as an Indian.
Before few weeks I just had one post regarding Indian news media that they are just freak and worried about their TRP instead of intellectual values ,ethics and responsibilities.

During this mumbai attack again Indian news Media has shown great sense of nonsense by showing blood and dead bodies everywhere?. I don't why they don't understand that people only watch news channel during this kind of incident,So,why they are spreading terror in to each home? It just helps terrorist to achiev their ultimate goal.As they want to make us scared and news media helping them to make it possible.

It was shame when one news reporter was shouting on channel "look, ambulance is here, blood is spred all over in ambulance" then camera moves there , after that reporter shout again "look,one person is just dead" this stupid reporter was shooting in a camera rather then taking part in rescue operation.
I am sure minimum 1000 reports and there starff were in each place ,if they have just helped in rescue operation then situation might had the different climax.
Media had a golden oprtunity which they have missed.They got short term hike in trp but they lost respact from common indian.
We are busy with sensex updown, we are just making ourself busy to cope again recession(which is not going to happen at all,we all know its not in our hand to cope global recession),Trying to make our self safe .Yes thats true I am also among this common indian and some time we all feel that why we are doing this.

Life is transforming , global economical power is now shifting towards india and china , we have best talent , we have leaders (ofcourse they are old and little doubtful to take concrete decision,But we have lesser number of sensitive scams then any other developing countries had).
Our common man can work more then 60 hrs in a week without raising an eyebrow or feeling exahausted. We have full of confident technopreneurs.
Indians have all senses to achieve success but Indians are lacking one sence and it is

whether it is government, whether it is corporate, whether it is media or mediocre people.
I really want my this sense back .It feels like captive in your home .

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