Monday, December 22, 2008

Audio content indexing, Video content indexing,Image content indexing,PDf content indexing

MMDBMS -this was the only seminar that I have delivered during my Software Engineering.
I do not need to say that I have just got complete material from my seniors ( Or I can say my former class mate ). I have a very bad habit of reading. If I feel something interesting I go out and just dig everything into it until I feel satisfied for it. After reading 2-3 times whole seminar material I was not sure at all how its used in our industry or what is the exact use of it.

Later I just remembered from that seminar Image format full forms, few video formats like MPEG,AVI, Audio formats etc. And the file size and few attributes of all these format . how they can be stored in database.

Yesterday I read one article about audio,video and image indexing. Search engines are now planning to go more in deep for indexing. Google,yahoo and other search engine are now going to scrutinize content of video , audio ,Image and Pdfs file . No need to say that search engine optimization business will have to rethink and have to adapt this new indexing measures when they promote websites.

Search engines have noticed that people are commenting on pictures or videos which are not at all related to their business. For getting links from reputed website , marketers are not using this kind of propaganda .Now comments which are not related to content of (video,Audio,Image or pdf) will degrade linking website.
Like current topic videos like Obama,Bush Or Indo-Pak relative videos are watched millions of time. So marketers put their website link their in comments but now search engines will check whether the linking website and content of videos or audio is matching each other or its just a spam.

this is what I now understand What is the requirement MMDBMS and how it will be used in future :)

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