Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lets Imrpove Vocab

Hi folks
I used to read word power made easy of norman lewis it is not only for vocab builder , but by this book you are more clear with all etomlogy .
Here I m sharing few words
Anthropology:- here anthropo is greek word which means ManKind and logos also a greek word which means sciency and study...
logos now you can think about so many words which are belong to study or science like bio logy,zoology...etc.

2)Astronomer:- Astron in greek Star and nomos means arrangement,law.order.
Astronomer is person who is intrested in arrangement of stars

astron combines with logos form a astrology science which asses the influence of stars and planets to humum lives...
astrloger:- person who is practionar of astrology.
astronaut:- sailor amonth the stars because nautes equal sailor in greek
cosomonaut(by russians) :-kosmos means universe in greek.
nautical :- related to sailing ...
nausea:- seasickness.
Asterisk :- Star shaped symbol call asterisk "*".

so howz it after finding etymology for particular word :)
I recommand this book to you all .this book will definitely boost up your confidence.

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