Sunday, April 20, 2008

Time management Tactics

Recently I am pretending that i am reading a time management book :)
I found one point prissy which intimated me to write some thing about it.

Books tells that
Learn to use transition time.

let us first define transition time.

We often have situation where we have to wait for 10 or 15 minute.
like in a bank,or when we have appointment with doctor,on air port,on bus station or on railway station, during lunch time,long tv break,and many more.....

You never know that
these situations can be useful to manage your time and can be very helpful.

To habituate to utilize your transition time you have to keep few things with you every always such as

  • Interesting Articles from magazine which you like to read but not able to read at all due to time shortage.
  • (I am sure you will read it in a week if you keep it with you else you will never )
  • Management book with important chapters marked(or book of you domain )
  • Documents that need proofreading such as credit card bills.
  • your diary/time planner(If you dont have please make habit of having diary )
Most of the transition time will be obvious,such as 10 minute free time in meeting or appointment..but some time this kind of time unexpectedly increase like if meeting delayed or canceled ..., bus/train or plane delayed...
If you utilize this kind of time, it will gain your confidence , you will able to delegate all pending task list or to do.

So First lesson from this book is Learn to use your transition time.

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