Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Reading Connect the dots

Reading connect the dots now days book by rashmi bansal ( Author of best seller stay hungry stay foolish).

Story of non-mba entrepreneurs who made their own way in life.. read 15 out of 20 dots till date.. yeah each story is inspirational and sure it can help someone somewhere..

There are few stories which is amazing like Dos plaza's ganpathy and others. As from being in IT background.. I like story of Suresh kamath laser inforsystems.
He is giving software solution at 1/10 quote of TCS and other company providing Almost same kind of solutions..

He has put a great logic behind remaining low margin. He said if i take large margin my customers will have to pay large amount and it will increase budget of customers company so they will charge more to their customers and so on.. this chain will end up to them at some point . It’s really true and even inspired me somewhere.

i wanted to remember Suresh kamath name and laser infosystem name for long time so I m writing this blog post...

One more interesting thing is that he is not taking only engineers in company most of the staff are bcom graduates, or even 12th pass also laser info system is hiring polio affected people and handicapped .. we can easily predict what this man is doing is very simple he is doing business as his own way and still being competitive to everyone . If any entrepreneur is reading this blog post you can now have confidence don’t compromise on your ethics.. your will will :)

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