Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Wish..

Few things that I always wish :)

I wish I can create some more jobs in all over world and I can help people who are talented and hard working but not getting exposure..

I wish I can start blog for entrepreneurs , I have found lot of my friends having difficulties in registering company name , getting certificates from municipalities and creating bank account..
They always ask me how to register company? How to open current account? How to pay professional tax?, where to pay professional tax?, what if wire transfer is not the right option for customer.? And many more..

if any one wants to get information about this you can mail me at raval.ketan@gmail.com until I start to write blog about the "life as a common Entrepreneur" (Common means common , like me and you . who are worrying about failure , safe guards, risks and all.. )

I wish I can help common people as much as I can ...

Few other wishes are like Integrating Social Services in my organization as a compulsory...

Lets see what else i can wish in next step...

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