Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nurture your self as a human being

In this life.. everyday we running for something that we never wanted :)
i know this will not acceptable by all .. but as of being in IT industry .. yes IT industry has given new wings to Indian youth .. they are now living with new era and i think living in a best possible amenities ..
But one other side is that One grocer will have more reputation in society then IT people why? we have islolated our self from the mainstream of life..

We do some charity and get satisfied with our self and feel proud our self but have we ever thought that what the exactly charity is? Giving 1000rs/- to any charitable trust will end our responsibility towards our nation? our society? our life? I have seen many guys (including me) that do charity and feel proud.. but have ever taken care of wasting energy in somewhere else?

if i take myself then i know that in a day i finish lot of things which is totally bad for society but very good for my self . Sometime unintentionally sometime intentionally we really hurt our self, our nature and our world.. and our small charity will not average our mistakes..

We are now trapped in a network of Social networking sites, Credit cards, hello tunes, bank balance, so called charities, Parties, Self development, self achievement .. inside one simple human is dieing slowly slowly ... ... Every company is targeting youth with fat salary and so they target IT/ITES people and we feel proud ourself that at the age of 25 we are having platinum credit card :) .. What kind of credit we are looking for?..

I believe its really a time to awaken now and work towards the true motto of human being. We as an educated and also with a good knowledge of latest technology .. should have more responsibility to change the society.. we can integrate everything and give maximum benefits people who really needs it.

Global warming is one of the serious issue (if you have not seen al gores' inconvinient truth please watch it once.) i know every single person can help in it.. by doin very small attempt .. and i am sure this would be the best charity you can do.. (yes no one will see that you have done this charity .. so praise seekers will have problem in initial stage) ..

its just a thought process of few minutes.. i will go back to work in a while.. but this kind of thoughts keeps human being and society alive.. if i repeat my self with this thinking i will definatley reach to a good end.

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atuleo said...

the whole physcology is so true... man time has made u philosopher which is good in one way and i think this time peroid comes in everybody's life if it doesnt then i say nobody is a free human being :)
u know you should write article for papers.. seriously dude u should think about it...