Friday, August 30, 2013

2 Useful Android Applications For Ahmedabad By LetsNurture

Its been 8-9 months that I have written on this blog.. this is the blog that has started my "letsnurture" journey :) I have been trying to keep it alive in someway or another..  Here is my another trick ;)

We have launched 2 Android Applications For Ahmedabad.. it can help Ahmedabad & Community .. Hope you will like it..

Blood Monk: Solution for Blood Donors & Blood Seekers of Ahmedabad

Blood Monk is our initiative for helping our society who is need of Blood all the time.. We have crafted one easy and simple solution where we will have one platform to promote blood donors .. so they can fill good & the will come forward to donate more blood. And based on these bloodmonks we will have mobile apps which will give nearby blood donors wherever you are standing in.. so whenever you need any blooddonors you will have it on your finger tip..

Try our latest version of Blood Monk Android Application

Driving Licence Practice Test

There is a funny incident happened in my life which has helped me to build this application.. my wife went for driving licence test and she called me after his written test.. "hello!! how are you? I failed" :) she was laughing .. & I thought it should not have happen :) these are very dead simple tests but people do not have time to read simple traffic rules.. and so here we have 2 Mock up test for driving licence test at least you will surely get a licence in Ahmedabad :) And some basic traffic rule signals.. which will help you to drive carefully :)

Download this one from here  Driving Licence Practice Test For Indian Drivers

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